Friday, May 04, 2018

New Phase

Happy May everybody! I'm back! It's been forever since last time I posted. There was a big change around me recently. You know what? Yuppi left home for college. She has gone. So I've entered a new phase of my life, just started my new chapter. But I still make bento of course. These are bentos I made recently. They totally look dull and no fancy, because they are for the rest of the family, yes for hubs, hehe.

Shio saba (salted mackerel), pork bell pepper stir-fry, cheese omelet and butter-sauteed asparagus.

Cold ramen noodles, shumai/shaomai dumplings, spicy sesame sauce, moyashi sprouts, asparagus, pork and a boiled egg.

This bento is real boring. I had to add the pink sakura food cup to the sight to brighten it up, haha! But the foods are good. Potato salad, okonomiyaki omelet, simmered ganmodoki (a kind of fried tofu) and gomoku gohan (seasoned rice with some kinds of vegetables and something), which is one of my comfort foods.

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