Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Omuraisu Bento and Gundam

I made omrice (omuraisu). I stir-fried chopped chicken thigh and onion, and seasoned with tomato puree, ketchup, salt and black pepper. Then stirred in hot rice, then wrapped it in a thin omelet. You may need a bit of the hang to put omrice neatly into a bento box. Look, this one is wrinkled haha!

This bento bako just looks like the one above, but not the same one. It's also one of the boxes I got in Sapporo. I fell in love with it at a glance because the size was perfect for girls like Yuppi, and the lid! So cute! It's hard to see on this picture though.

My Sapporo trip photos continue. Gundam festa happened to be held at Sapporo Factory when we went there. I'm not a big fan but I like these photos. Hope you also enjoy them.


Sapporo Factory is a huge complex composed of a shopping mall, hotel and restaurants, built on the site of an old brewery that opened back in 1876. This brick building is part of the brewery. By the way, the hotel we stayed in is also part of Sapporo Factory. More photos here.



  1. Ha ha, seeing the gundam brought memories of our brief time in Narita boys were so excited to find gundam and buy souvenirs!  Hopefully next time we will have a chance to explore more widely :).  As to bentos, your omelets look delicate and soft!  yum!  And adorations to the new box!

  2. sweet new box, great find.  and agree with burinsmith -- those omurices look so pillowy and wonderful.  what a nice and comforting lunch to look forward to!

  3. Oh you have been to Tokyo? That's nice! I know many of bento lovers are interested and versed in Japanese culture. I think anime is one of proud things of Japan. :) Thanks for the sweet words!

  4. Long time no see! hehe. Thanks, Yuppi really loved the omrice. I think I make omrice very often, maybe that's because it is so easy to make! :D