Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bunny Egg and Mock Spam Musubi Bento

If you are familiar with Asian traditions you may know that 2011 is the year of the rabbit. The last year was the tiger year by the way. It is said that people born in the rabbit year are ambitious, talented and financially lucky. You know what, Yuppi was born in the rabbit year 11 years ago. How could I miss making BUNNY-STUFF for bento? I thought I was going to make a lot of cute (or ugly) bunnies this year. So this time I made a bunny egg. Hey bunny egg?! Bunnies lay no egg, right? Then I should say *an egg bunny*?! OK it doesn't really matter anyhow. This one has been the first bunny of this year to me, it's too darn simple and easy though haha!

onigiri bento-1

Another main in this bento is a kind of SPAM MUSUBI. Spam musubi is an onigiri popular in Hawaii and Okinawa. But I didn't use any spam but hot dogs this time. In fact I've never bought a can of spam, usually use a pack of pork sausage. Both should go well with rice. Also this bento contains ketchup chicken.

onigiri bento-2

For those unfamiliar with spam musubi I'd like to share my own way.

1) Sear sliced spam or sausage (whatever you like) in a frying pan, then flavor it with a little soy sauce.
2) Make a thin tamagoyaki, then cut it into right size sheets.
3) Make some plain musubi (onigiri) into your favorite shape, then sprinkle a few pinches of salt on it.
4) Put the tamagoyaki sheet and the seared spam (or sausage) on the musubi, then wrap nori around it.
DONE!! It would be a nice snack for both kids and adults.

onigiri bento-3

Friday, January 21, 2011

Belated Happy New Year

HELLOOO 2011!! It's rather late though. I finally got to return from hibernation. My bentomaking has started. So this is my very first posting of the year. Well should I share my New Year bento resolutions? -- Although you may not be curious about it I want to write it here to admonish myself. Tadahh... To make more simply, to not take much time, to pack neatly, to make everyday as far as possible, to make for myself as well, to eat delectably, that's all. Aw one more thing, I hope to share as many recipes of mine as I can.

Strawberry Layer Cake

I started the New Year with this cake. Yes I know, it has nothing to do with bento hehe. I just like this photo actually. My bentoing of this year started with a freaking simple and boring bento. I guess I was not completely awake from hibernation at that point lol!

Maybe this time I won't write each menu of these. Feel free to ask me if you are curious about it.

Shogayaki (ginger pork saute) Bento.

Chahan (fried rice) Bento.

Ebichiri (chili shrimp) Bento.

Onigiri and Chicken Katsu Bento.

Yuppi made these onigiri flowers. I love them. Thanks Yuppi!! You have something I can never have so you better help your mom MORE haha!

Chicken Tender Curry Bento.

I'm looking forward to checking out new bentos of my buddies! Happy happy New Year and Bentoing!