Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bento Collage and Taiyaki Bento

Bento Collage

Happy summer everybody! We are having a real hot summer these days. Since our summer is relatively mild here in Hokkaido, I think this heat will end soon. In the meantime, I haven't taken bento pictures that much lately, but just started to be motivated for bento shooting again. These are some of my recent bentos, but I needed to collage them because they all looked boring individually, lol.

I forgot to put this one below into the collage. These mini taiyaki are actually buttermilk pancakes (with no anko filling of course). It was a bit hectic that morning, cooking the pancakes (ended up cooking more than a dozen from one batch, I did work hard! Lol). But it was totally worth doing because it's so much fun if there is a funny and weird face like this one in your bento box, isn't it?

bento 2016-07-31