Friday, May 31, 2013

Sakura Is Almost Over

Today's post has bentos Yuppi made herself. She hasn't needed bento lately, which actually keeps me not so motivated for bentomaking, but she sometimes needs a bento lunch for a field trip and such. This is her own first bento in forever. It seems like she's lost interest in cooking all around. Maybe she is hooked on something else, sigh. However, what's gotten into her, she suddenly decided to make her bento after such a long time. She made sesame tsukune, tamagoyaki and potato salad.


For this bento above, she made a shrimp fry sandwich and a chicken katsu sandwich. I think they are well made.



I finally got to take sakura pictures. Sadly sakura in our area is almost over... Since it was a bit of windy and I didn't have much time, I couldn't get good shots, but really liked these sakura, especially this one below. I saw this type for the first time, very delicate and sweet colors, can you see? Early-bloom types are already gone. That's a bummer, I should've gone ohanami earlier. My spring this year went by with surprising speed as I was comfortable eating ice cream lol! Happy June, everyone!!

sakura 1

sakura 2

sakura 5

sakura 7

Friday, May 24, 2013

Finally Spring

Hi there! It's been a whahhile! We finally got to get spring weather! Look. Narcissi and tulips this year came out rather later than usual. They are brightening up around my house right now.



This is my first hiyashi ramen in the season yay!


This bento was for Yuppi, but I say, it's one of ideal bentos to me. My kind, which means that there is pickled veggie, and no tomatoes or fresh green dividers in there. I actually want to put in those little red cuties and pretty, frilly lettuce, they surely jazz up bentos. However I don't really like to eat wilted raw greens next to rice. Me, big fussy eater, shame on me, hehe.


This morning I made Naporitan pasta with a simple omelette. I didn't have time to cook rice in the morning. Noodle stocks always help me out on a day like that. Ack! I accidentally put in tomatoes... I don't mind them in bentos for hubby and Yuppi, but this bento, I packed in a glass container so that hubby could microwave at work if he wanted. Hah I really hope he is not such a dumb as to explode tomatoes lol!


In the meantime, I've been really obsessed by ice cream lately. Not that I like any type of ice cream. Love Häagen-Dazs!! Wow it's already Friday here. Hope you enjoy your weekend with SCRUMPTIOUS ice cream, too!!