Thursday, December 22, 2016

Of Course Bento Going

Happy winter everybody! It's late December, believe it or not, LOL. Crazy... I hope you're all doing great and having a lovely holiday season. I've been having a hard time shooting decent bento pictures due to the gloomy winter weather lately. But needless to say, my bentoing is going to continue next year.

On beds of rice, kanikama omelets with sweet salty sauce thickened with flour instead of starch. Boiled cabbage tossed with dashi shoyu and sesame seeds. Pickled cuke.

Carrot kimpira. Spicy grilled chicken. Miso-mayo grilled salmon. Omelet slices (kanikama and green onion).

Sweet potato walnut salad. Spinach and bean sprouts tossed with salt, sesame seeds and sesame oil. Chikuwa egg stir-fry. Onion-shoyu chicken. Chinese cabbage pickled with salt and umeboshi.

Salted salmon and a stir-fry of daikon greens on a bed of rice. Shio (salt) chicken karaage. Spinach tossed with dashi shoyu. Lotus root tossed with mayo and umeboshi.

Cookie factory
Yuppi's cookie factory is working at full capacity LOL. Merry Christmas y'all! --- In case I can't do the next post soon. :)