Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Noodle Bento

bento 2015-08-30 0710
The time I make noodle bentos, it's when I sleep in or run out of rice. The first one above, salad men (cold ramen noodles with a salad dressing), I first boiled shrimp, pork slices, eggs in order, and then prepped veggies. Then I boiled ramen noodles, rinsed, drained, then dressed with a bit of sesame oil and made it into mini swirls for easy eating. I added a mini container of creamy sesame dressing later. This is not a quick bento, it takes some time to prepare all the items, but each of them is so easy to make. You can prepare everything except noodles the day before.

bento 2015-08-26 0708
For this one, I thought I'd make yakisoba, but I only had spaghetti. With that, these are *yaki-spa* bentos. I seasoned the noodles, veggie and pork with oyster sauce, shoyu and usuta sauce (Worcester sauce). Thin pasta is a healthier alternative for yakisoba noodles, because yakisoba noodles are usually coated in oil, while pasta has no oil or additives. What's more, it doesn't get as soggy.

bento 2015-07-31 0752
At this time I didn't have time to cook rice in the morning and decided to make naporitan pasta for bento. Unluckily I only had a bag of fusilli, but good thing, short pasta is much easier to eat than long one when it's cold. Especially fusilli is hard to stick together because of that shape. You know spaghetti (and other noodles) tend to get clumpy or mushy unless you eat it immediately after cooking. So that means short types of pasta are bento-eater-friendly, right?