Thursday, June 30, 2016

Omuraisu Lover

We love omuraisu. It's so easy and quick to make I often make it when I don't feel like thinking what to make for bento. Omuraisu FTW!!

Yuzu kosho karaage, pickled cuke and a stir-fry of egg, chikuwa and edamame.

I forgot what I made for this bento LOL.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Purple Chinese Cabbage

Maze gohan (a mixed rice) bento. I made this bento quite a long time ago, but I really loved this purple chinese cabbage. Was surprised at how delicious it was. Crispy, juicy and had no bitterness. It just tasted like chicory. I loved it to be pickled or fresh salad. I'm looking forward to the next season.

Meatball bento.

Honey shoyu teriyaki chicken bento.

Ajisai hydrangea.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Chicken's Back

A cheese omelet with ketchup.
Chicken tender pieces --- seasoned with salt and pepper, dusted with curry powder and flour, then pan-fried.
That morning I had to make at least one more item, but came up with nothing. I always always keep aburaage, shirasu and edamame as fridge staples because I love them and they are all healthy foods. I impromptu stir-fried them all together and seasoned with a bit of shoyu. Yay, it turned out one of my impromptu hits!

Teriyaki salmon --- I marinated salmon pieces in shoyu and sake the night before. In the morning, pan-fried them, and dressed in shoyu and honey.
Chicken seniku --- marinated with salt and a bit of vinegar the night before, then broiled and sprinkled with herb salt.
Stir-fried green onion and shirasu.

Chicken seniku --- marinated with salt and a bit of vinegar, then pan-fried until crispy, and dressed in shoyu and shichiimi togarashi.
A shoyu egg half.
Pickled cucumber --- I sliced cucumbers, and pickled with salt and dashi shoyu.
Pickled mackerel --- I dusted salted-mackerel pieces with potato starch, and shallow-fried. Then soaked them in a marinade sauce of vinegar, shoyu, mirin, water and lemon slices. I made this for dinner.

I know, now some of you are wondering what chicken seniku is. I don't come up with a proper word for it, but I can say it's meat on chicken's back. It tastes better than breast or tenderloin and less greasy than thigh. Plus, it's cheaper than them! I've been using it pretty much every day lately. By the way prepping chicken or fish ahead of time (like how I do the night before) really makes a big difference. I will mention it some of these days.

clematis 1

clematis 2

clematis 3

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Disposable Lunch Box... first time in ages

Yuppi had a gathering of her art class with one day stay in a city far away from here. She got a bento in a disposable paper container. I bought the container from Daiso. I don't want to do this so often, but every now and then, it's ok and so much fun, isn't it? She had a karaage cup, two omusubi (one with edamame, scrambled egg and a shoyu okaka filling, and one with simply sesame seeds and salt to go with the karaage) and a pineapple cup for a refreshing dessert. Plus, Jagariko (butter chicken curry flavored) and a bottle of lemon soda for a snack to omnom in her bus or hotel. Later I thought I should have fancied up the container for a little surprise with cute stickers (of course lovebird ^^) or something, geez...

Spinach nori salad, fried chicken pieces, shoyu egg halves and a chunk of salted sockeye salmon on a bed of rice, sesame seeds and nori. For the chicken, I marinated chicken breast pieces with minced umeshiso overnight, then battered and fried them. Ume-shiso or ume-jiso is red shiso leaves pickled with umeboshi. You can use it as a seasoning as with umeboshi itself. By the way, yukari (a rice topping) was originally the same thing as dried umeshiso, but now yukari is made by a different process.

For this one, I marinated chicken thighs in miso and shoyu the night before and broiled them in the morning. The rest of this bento are spicy ketchuped potato, tamagoyaki, and asparagus for a green.

Summer is coming around the corner where I am. But before that, I have to post these pictures that I took over a month ago. Unfortunately I didn't get around to going to beautiful places of sakura trees so I settled for the tiny sakura blossoms in backyard. Since the backyard and trees are not my own, I had to use my lame zoom lens. It sometimes does a good job, but sometimes doesn't. That's my excuse though!

tiny sakura 4

tiny sakura 2

tiny sakura 1