Thursday, May 07, 2015

Golden Week

We are just in GW (the golden week holiday) here in Japan and thankfully blessed with nice weather these days. Nobody in my family likes crowds or having to wait in line, so we tend to avoid traveling and outing around this time of year even if the holiday is long enough. I've been just comfy and cozy at home, doing nothing, haha! In the meantime, the girl and hubs went hillwalking alone which was their first dad-and-daughter trip in ages. Since Yuppi had tons of homework to do before high school, they couldn't go skiing or anything else together last winter. So this became a good event for them. Ah yeah, she is a high school girl already. How time flies! No wonder I'm no longer young lol! She took some photos on her way up and down the top of the hill. So here they go.

Picking up a blossom

Sakura on the hill

Wild anemone

Ebi wantanmen
Their fuel.

These are some of bentos I made before GW.
2015-05-01 bento
A bento stash (konnyaku mushroom stirfry), saba fish tossed with wasabi shoyu, sweet potato peanut salad, and chicken tender katsu with cheese in it.

2015-04-10 bento
Asparagus salad, spinach and moyashi sprout with a mini bottle of dashi shoyu, chikuwa tempura with curry powder, amakara (sweet salty shoyu flavored) pork.

2015-04-30 bento
The bento stash (konnyaku mushroom stirfry), omelet with cheese in it, chicken tsukune burgers and simmered sanma fish.