Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer Bentos

Hi everybody! It's been a while?! I've been pretty busy having family matters and such. And the weather has been kind of crazy this summer. Cold drinks have been a must for me rather than food! Plus I have to come up with ideas of safe-and-tasty-in-a-hot-day bentos because of this heat wave these days. Well this is today's bento I chocked up with fresh summer veggies. Corn edamame salad, sauteed shishito peppers, soy-pickled zucchini and meatballs (chicken, pork, onion). Thankfully, in summer and fall we can always get fresh-picked great local vegetables... Corn, edamame, zucchinis, peppers etc.

This one is a quick bento made on an unmotivated day. I seasoned sauteed-pork slices with shoyu koji and honey.

This one looks bland but tastes so good, which contains pork, green onion, maitake mushrooms and moyashi sprouts, seasoned with oyster sauce, salt and sesame oil.

This contains ketchup pork rice, sausages, boiled sugar peas and aiko tomatoes.

I'm not sure when I can be back here next time but hope y'all have a lot of yumminess and a fabulous weekend!!