Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Bunny Bento

Easter Bunnies Bento

I thought that I wanted to do Easter Bunny Bento like everyone, and I did.  I first thought it became so cute bunnies bento.
But then they looked like something different too.  Check out another angle shot below.  They look like alien's faces of all things? (sigh)   But... please don't say so.  They might be the aliens from other planets?  No no, they're definitely BUNNIES!  LOL!

They hid easter eggs in the yakisoba noodles.   But the eggs will be found out soon!!
Yuppi called this bento 'a high-carbohydrate-bento'  (wry)

Easter Bunnies Bento

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Paw Bento

Guess what today's noriben is?
Do you want to see it??

Paw Bento

Ta dah!!  Here is today's noriben!

Paw Bento

This morning, at first I meant to make a cow-pattern-noriben but it didn't come out well.
Reluctantly, I made it a paw-ben.  But whose paw is this!?  I don't know at all, haha!  It maybe Snoopy's.

Today's side dishes...
nimono (simmered veggies and fried kamaboko),
pan fried chicken fillets,
bell pepper marinate,
daikon/yukari pickles
and a cow patterned quail egg.
I made a cow-pattern-thing after all since I like a cow (Holstein) pattern so much.

Paw Bento

Friday, March 19, 2010

Yakitori Bento and Sunshine Award


Hubby takes a half holiday today so he doesn't need bento.  But Yuppi's no school-lunch days started yesterday so that I needed to prepare lunch for her this morning.  The spring vacation of Yuppi's school will begin soon.  I'll have to make her lunch for a couple of weeks.


Today, I made yakitori bentos for our lunch, quick and easy to make.  Can you see nori under the chicken!?  Of course I put it in today's bento too!  (I never forgot it, haha)  I think you can see the black gaps between egg and chicken.  You know my noriben theme still continues ^.^

Today's bentos contain some pieces of sweet/salty chicken breast,
scrambled egg,
daikon sprouts,
white kamaboko,
slices of tiny plum pickles,
and (of course) nori and rice.

I have something happy.  My charaben master Lia / Bentolicious passed along a nice award to me!
She makes so cute bentos for her kids.  I love to visit her blog.


The thing I should do is passing this award to 12 other bloggers.  But I must apologize that I couldn't select.  And if I can award someone, I'd love to send my own award to the bloggers I love.
So check out the blogs I enjoy visiting on the sidebar list.  If you find your name, please pick up this award and take it away!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sakura Bento


My noriben theme is continuing!  I scattered sakura (cherry blossoms) on the nori ground.  I wonder if these look cherry blossoms?  I don't have a sakura-shape cutter.  In my place, we can enjoy seeing splendid cherry blossoms around early in May every year.  We all are longing for that occasion.


Today's Hubby's bento dishes are chikuwa piccata,
chili sauce shrimp,
mayo/cheese cod,
and stir fried bamboo shoot and shirataki.  (Shirataki is noodle-like konnyaku, it's non-calorie.)


This is my bento.  I uncommonly packed bento for myself.  This box is my latest favorite (100 yen) container.  I put together leftovers in the box.  But I'm looking forward to eat this bento.  Because I haven't have breakfast yet.  Uuh I'm starving!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chestnut Musubi Bento


As usual, unfortunately I missed taking photos of Hubby's bento, so this is yuppi's snack.  She is hungry when she come back home, although she has school-lunch every day.
Today, I made two spam musubi (onigiri) and raked together odds and ends ingredients.  My nori-ben theme is continuing.  To be precise, it's not nori-ben but nori-musubi today's bento.  I meant to make some *chestnut shaped musubi* but these don't look so.  I dredged their bottoms with okaka but it got dirty and made them have stubbles (LOL).  I should have used white sesame seeds instead of okaka! (wry)

Today's OYATSU
My favorite long seller chocolate cakes, BOURBON CYLVEINE.  I'd love everybody to try to eat if they can find it out!

Spring is coming near!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spicy Teriyaki Chicken Bento and Chocolate Gift


I was able to get up early today yeay haha!!  So I had enough time and made a flower garden in the bento.  Today, my nori-ben theme is beginning.  Nori-ben is the most typical Japanese bento.  It was wee babykins' favorite bento, which always included red hotdog-octopuses and slices of tamagoyaki.  I felt happy whenever I took it to the kindergarten.

Today's bento includes a nori-ben,
negi-omelet slices,
broiled shrimps flavored with mayo and Parmesan,
spicy teriyaki chicken,
carrot/cucumber pickles flavored with yukari (salty purple perilla leaf),
and grapes.
I dipped pieces of nori in shoyu then put on the rice.


★babykins' quick spicy teriyaki sauce (for about 1 chicken breast)★
 1 tablespoon Shoyu (Japanese soy sauce)
1 tablespoon Ketchup
 1 tablespoon Water
1/2~1 teaspoon Curry powder
(This taste suits both rice and bread.  If you make this spicier, you could add grated garlic or onion and other spices.  I barely use garlic for bento dishes though.)

Please look at today's our OYATSU (means snack, sweet and tea break).
My friend in Tokyo sent the two chocolate boxes to me WOW.
 A well-known special chocolate of Kobe City.  This box has tons of apple glac├ęs coated with chocolate.  I'm excited!

This one is CUUUTE!!
Duffy and Shellie May live in Tokyo Disney SEA.  You can see them in there.

These Shellie chocolates taste of TEA!!
Duffies are normal milk chocolates. ^O^

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Pork Saute Bento


I'm a little displeased this morning. (pout)  Hubby made a complaint.  He said "Prepare bento earlier since I want to leave home earlier.  I prefer a quick and simple bento rather than wait."  I know, I'm aware that I should get up and prepare bento much earlier every morning.  But I want to say " Don't say that.  I worked hard! "  I want to say in a loud voice, " I made EBI FURAI!! (-O-) "

Today's bento contains sauteed pork slices flavored with syoyu and mirin on the rice, dice mayo salad (cuke, carrot, corn) and ebi furai (fried shrimps) with tonkatsu sauce.
Speaking of ebi furai, most Japanese love ebi furai.  I also love it, though I don't like shrimps much.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Ikura Bento and Hina Matsuri

Long time no see!  I was taking a break on posting.  Of course I've been making bento but having no time to take a picture.  Because Hubby leaves home early these days.  This morning, luckily I was able to shoot.

Today's rice is a ikura gohan, side dishes are
lotus root kimpira,
sauteed hot dogs,
edamame omelet
and salad.
Easy and quick bento!

Now, I'm going to introduce Hina Matsuri (Peach Day, Girl's Day), I'm late though..
It was Hina Matsuri on March 3.
Parents celebrate the day, wishing their girls happiness and to grow healthily.  Hina dolls are previously showed for the celebration.  We also celebrated that day with some feasts.  Oh sorry, no pics of the feasts since we started eating before photographing!

They've always been watching our girl affectionately with their tender smile so far, and will carry on until Yuppi gets married and leaves our home.  I have no idea whether or not she can marry in the future, uhaha! 
I suppose some of you are wondering how's Boy's Day going.  But no worry, boys are celebrated on May 5.  Unfortunately, I have no boy though.

Hina Dolls

Hina arare (crispy rice puffs), the green and white ones are a bit salty, the pink ones are a bit sweet. 
Dear Daniel Odairisama (groom) & Hello Kitty Ohinasama (bride).   

Really yummy!