Friday, March 19, 2010

Yakitori Bento and Sunshine Award


Hubby takes a half holiday today so he doesn't need bento.  But Yuppi's no school-lunch days started yesterday so that I needed to prepare lunch for her this morning.  The spring vacation of Yuppi's school will begin soon.  I'll have to make her lunch for a couple of weeks.


Today, I made yakitori bentos for our lunch, quick and easy to make.  Can you see nori under the chicken!?  Of course I put it in today's bento too!  (I never forgot it, haha)  I think you can see the black gaps between egg and chicken.  You know my noriben theme still continues ^.^

Today's bentos contain some pieces of sweet/salty chicken breast,
scrambled egg,
daikon sprouts,
white kamaboko,
slices of tiny plum pickles,
and (of course) nori and rice.

I have something happy.  My charaben master Lia / Bentolicious passed along a nice award to me!
She makes so cute bentos for her kids.  I love to visit her blog.


The thing I should do is passing this award to 12 other bloggers.  But I must apologize that I couldn't select.  And if I can award someone, I'd love to send my own award to the bloggers I love.
So check out the blogs I enjoy visiting on the sidebar list.  If you find your name, please pick up this award and take it away!


  1. Your bento always so tasty, mouthwatering! The various sprinkles on the top just pretty. Is that nori at the bottom? So I can still see your noriben hehehe ... :D Have fun this weekend!!

  2. Thanks Lia!
    Ahaha, I added some sentences about the NORI to this post.
    So I hope you like my next noriben (I can't imagine how it will come though) :D

  3. Hemmmm... Yum yum! I completely agree with Lia Chen, your bento is always mouth-watering :D

  4. The chicken and egg looks so tasty and I just ate! Congratulations on your award!

  5. Congratulations on your award! Well deserved! :D

  6. Hi, tatabonita!
    So glad you liked this one, thanks! ^^

  7. Hi, Kuusou!
    Thanks! Please take the award, you're worthy of it!

  8. Welcome Bento Box!
    Thanks for your visit and comment :D

  9. Yay--congrats on a well-deserved award, Izumi! Your blog is always cheerful and sunny, a wonderful place to visit :)

  10. Hi Jenn!
    Thanks for encouraging comment as always.
    I've always enjoyed your post!

  11. Looks yummy and colourful,in fact all your bento look so delicious,hard to resist