Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Paw Bento

Guess what today's noriben is?
Do you want to see it??

Paw Bento

Ta dah!!  Here is today's noriben!

Paw Bento

This morning, at first I meant to make a cow-pattern-noriben but it didn't come out well.
Reluctantly, I made it a paw-ben.  But whose paw is this!?  I don't know at all, haha!  It maybe Snoopy's.

Today's side dishes...
nimono (simmered veggies and fried kamaboko),
pan fried chicken fillets,
bell pepper marinate,
daikon/yukari pickles
and a cow patterned quail egg.
I made a cow-pattern-thing after all since I like a cow (Holstein) pattern so much.

Paw Bento


  1. Cool noriben! I do like the paw-ben, it looks so 3D hehehe ... and what a nice touch with the quail egg. That pattern counts as a cow-pattern. And not to mention yummy foods in this bento (^.^)

  2. Hi, I chanced upon your blog from Lia.

    I really love all your bentos as they not only look nice but so healthy!!!

    You have some really great great dishes in your bentos, would you be kind enough to share the recipes as well?

    It's an eye-opener as most blogs are in Jap and I don understand Japanese. So definitely very keen to learn how to cook real home-style Jap meals. :)

    Pls keep up the great work!!

    Kind regards!

  3. What a cute nori-ben! The Little Eggs love the paw...they think it could belong to our dog. :)

    Food looks yummy as usual!

  4. Love this cute animal pattern bento! Very distinctive and sweet!

  5. Thanks as always Lia!
    I like the farm mood in this bento. ^^

  6. Thanks for your comment Tona-mama!
    Sure, I'd love to write recipes of Japanese style home cooking. For that, I should learn English more.^^

  7. Hi Kuusou and Little eggs!
    I love paws of doggies. So glad you loved my paw-ben, Thanks!

  8. Hi Jenn!
    So glad you loved these artless animal pattern bento, Thanks!