Monday, March 08, 2010

Ikura Bento and Hina Matsuri

Long time no see!  I was taking a break on posting.  Of course I've been making bento but having no time to take a picture.  Because Hubby leaves home early these days.  This morning, luckily I was able to shoot.

Today's rice is a ikura gohan, side dishes are
lotus root kimpira,
sauteed hot dogs,
edamame omelet
and salad.
Easy and quick bento!

Now, I'm going to introduce Hina Matsuri (Peach Day, Girl's Day), I'm late though..
It was Hina Matsuri on March 3.
Parents celebrate the day, wishing their girls happiness and to grow healthily.  Hina dolls are previously showed for the celebration.  We also celebrated that day with some feasts.  Oh sorry, no pics of the feasts since we started eating before photographing!

They've always been watching our girl affectionately with their tender smile so far, and will carry on until Yuppi gets married and leaves our home.  I have no idea whether or not she can marry in the future, uhaha! 
I suppose some of you are wondering how's Boy's Day going.  But no worry, boys are celebrated on May 5.  Unfortunately, I have no boy though.

Hina Dolls

Hina arare (crispy rice puffs), the green and white ones are a bit salty, the pink ones are a bit sweet. 
Dear Daniel Odairisama (groom) & Hello Kitty Ohinasama (bride).   

Really yummy!


  1. Nice to see your bento again. Always so colorful and all pictures are so clear! So nice that you have Girl's Day and Boy's Day there. Those hina arare looks very crunchy, are they sweet or salty?

  2. We celebrated Girl's Day in our home but without the girls want me to get some before next year!

    Nice bento - I really like the variety you put into your lunches.

  3. Lovely post--I enjoyed reading about the celebration of Girl's Day! Your photos have a tender clarity that I always enjoy, babykins!

  4. @Lia
    Thanks! I also think it's a so nice event. Every year, I look forward to.
    The white and green arare are lightly salty, the pink one is lightly sweet, both taste good! :D

  5. @Kuusou
    Oh that's great!
    I bet your eggs will be so happy if they get hina dolls.
    Thanks--- I try to care about a variety of taste and looks. :)

  6. @bentobird
    I'm glad if you liked my photos and enjoyed hina matsuri together through this post! :)