Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gomoku Gohan Bento

Gomoku Gohan Bento

Gomoku gohan (also called 'takikomi gohan') is rice mixed with seasonings and some ingredients (chicken, root veggies, aburaage, mushrooms and so on) before heating.  It's one of my favorite rice dishes.  This time I used medium polished rice, chicken, two sorts of mushrooms and takenoko (bamboo sprout).  And flavored with shoyu, mirin and salt.  Bamboo sprout (shoot) is a food that tells us the coming of spring.  This gomoku gohan is a leftover from last night.  I ate it longing for spring.
Dishes I made this morning were seafood/negi omelet,
daigaku-imo (fried/candy-coated sweet potato)
and julienned carrot salad.

Gomoku Gohan Bento

I'm sorry that I can hardly visit you, My friends!  I'm still watching the Olympic games...
Speaking of the Olympics, most Japanese are wound up for the women's figure skating - free program on Friday.  Asada Mao perfectly executed "triple axel" on the short program yesterday.  But Kim Yu Na was excellent and perfect.  She was awesome!!  They each have their own features and attractions on their skating.  Though I think both are great, expect Kim Yu Na will win.  But Mao-chan has challenged her jump (triple axel) until now so I heartily wish Mao-chan to get the gold medal.


  1. Yummy Gomoku Gohan! Thanks for sharing on how to make it.

  2. Oh my, your bright photos are always showed us that your bentos are incredibly yummy :D

  3. My girls and I really hope that Asado Mao wins! She is such a beautiful skater. :)

    The Gomoku Gohan looks really good.

  4. This is so beautiful--would love to try this delicate bento! Mmmm, bamboo shoots! Thanks for yummy details and enjoy the skating events, Izumi!

  5. @Lia
    Thanks! Bamboo sprout rice is really yum.
    Hope you will have a chance to make it!

    Thanks for your compliment to my photos and bentos.
    I want a better camera than the one I have right now. :)

    I'm so glad you and your girls support Maochan!
    Hope you will have a chance to make rice like this gomoku gohan.

    Thanks! Since Japanese taste rice dishes are yummy and healthy I hope you will try some ones!

  6. mmmm, that candy coated sweet potato looks SOOO good! i want to try the julienned carrot salad, too.

    i must admit i'm rooting for yuna, i love her.

    babykins, your writing in this post is excellent! oh, and the bento too :-)

  7. Thanks Megan!
    Sweet potato is GOOD anytime!

    Well, I confess I also love her skating and I was moved to tears.
    We can watch their match again on the WFS Championships.

    Uwaaai, Thanks for your encouragement. I hope my writing is getting better and also my bento =^^=