Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monokuro Boo Bento


This morning I made a chara-ben after a while.  I love chara-ben but I'm not skillful and have poor taste so I can't make it neatly.  Moreover, my hubby is unwilling to take chara-ben, he says "no thanks!".  I know I know he's not a child.  He'll be blushing when he open his chara-ben among co-workers, LOL ^0^.  So this Monokuro Boo is a snack bento for Yuppi.


The dishes I made this morning, corn/spinach salad with creamy sesame dressing,
boiled shrimp with ketchup/mayo sauce,
and salted salmon.
Tteriyaki chicken from last night's dinner.

Also today's bento box is a glass container.  Since this one is heat-resistant glass, Hubby could rewarm his bento with micro at his office.


  1. I think you did a great job with your chara-ben! At least it's recognizable....unlike my Darth Vader onigiri. :)


  2. Your charaben is cute! And yummy bento for your hubby ... He is so lucky to have a wonderful wife that always prepared bento for him. I spot cute bottle there, does it count for charaben too? Hehehe ... (^.^)

  3. I like the top box, it's a good size for my youngest daughter. I bought both the blue and red one.

  4. Oh, I just LOVE this adorable bento! Have a huge smile right now, babykins, looking at all the sweet details here. You are so talented. Lucky hubby! Will look for these pics on Flickr to add them to faves!

  5. @Kuusou
    You made Darth Vader onigiri!? That's great! I should make it, I'm wondering if I can make well though.

    Thanks! Actually I'm a no good wife to my hubby. Therefore I bear in mind and try to prepare his bento as possible, ehehe.
    Ah I forgot that the bottle was a cute-chara-bottle. He may have hidden it when he ate this bento!! :D

    @Bento Pet
    Yeah, just good size for girl's bento.
    I think also the blue one is cute.

    So glad you LOVED this Boo.
    Thanks for adding to your faves, Jenn!

    I want to try making cheese characters like yours.

  6. i love your monokuru! i think all your bentos are neat and well-executed, and i love your charaben especially. funny that your husband doesn't want kawaii lunches, my boyfriend also refuses. oh well, more cute food for us :-)

  7. Thanks Megan!
    Your boyfriend also refuses kawaii bento...ahaha.
    Yeah, more kawaii bento!!
    I always envy and admire your cute veggieful bentos!