Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Black Heart Bento

Non Theme Bento

Today I made Curry-shoyu flavored chicken, Scrambled egg and edamame, Stir fried shrimp and qing geng cai (mini bok choy), Fried sweet potato.

My Melo Bento-bako

The two bento bako are the ones Yuppi used for a kindergarten's bento several years ago.  The metallic one is stainless steel. *My Melody* is 35 years old, the same age as tiny poem!  They had already been born in my childhood.

Valentine's Day is coming soon.  I saw everybody made "Love Bento" so I copied them.  Yes, I also put "heart things" in today's bento hehe.  And made two heart onigiri.  Are you wondering whether my heart is black,too!?  My heart color is a pale orange now, like the salmon color on the rice... fufu
What color is your heart?

Black Heart Bento


  1. The first box looks so drooling and I bet your black heart onigiri tastes "pink" hehe :D

  2. Always so yummy! Lovely heart bento and yes my heart is color pink hahaha ... love pink that's why I love your Melody bento boxes there ;)

  3. Aw I love the heart bento! They look so lovely :D

  4. So lovely! And yes indeed, some of my favorites, including sweet potato...and pretty pink salmon in the fufu. A gracious bento, I love it!

  5. tatabonita
    ThankS! Oh I think so,too. My onigiri is stuffed with "pink taste" *^^*

    I know you love pink, your site is all pink!
    The featured color of My-Melo is pink, too.

    ThankS! I'm so glad you loved this bento.

    You also love sweet potato!? It's really yummy! So I often eat it.

  6. i love all these hearts - i want to gobble those onigiri right up! and the fried sweet potato looks sinfully good! babykins i already ate lunch today, but now i'm hungry again :-)

  7. Hi Megan!
    Haha...that's the best way to eat onigiri. I always gobble onigiri.
    You also sweet potato!? Most of ladies love sweet potato.
    Okay, don't hesitate Megan, how about the second lunch?? ^m^

  8. 日本語で失礼致します~汗

  9. わーい、日本語コメだ!!うれしぃ。