Saturday, November 07, 2015

Mushroom Season

I'm so happy mushrooms are in season right now. I really am a big fan of mushrooms so I've been eating them every day lately. Speaking of mushrooms, I sometimes see someone put raw mushrooms in their bentos. Actually they don't taste that good and we always eat them cooked.


Spinach --- Blanched, rinsed, tossed with salt, sesame oil and sesame seeds.

Glossy chicken --- Simmered in shoyu, mirin and sugar.

Carrot shirishiri --- Stir fried with oil, an egg, salt and black pepper.

Konnyaku --- Cooked with shiitake mushroom slices, dashi shoyu and mirin.


Salted sockeye salmon --- Broiled.


Shiitake mushrooms --- Sautéed, seasoned with mayonnaise, salt and shichimi pepper.

Pork --- Dusted with starch, sautéed, seasoned with shoyu and mirin, sprinkled with sesame seeds.


Monday, November 02, 2015

It's Been A While

Belated Happy Halloween! We didn't do anything special for Halloween as usual though. These days, Hubs and Yuppi leave home much earlier in the morning and sadly, I can hardly take bento photos. I know, I should get up earlier and yes, I should post bento more often for myself. This blog is still a special place for me, while I started another blog a while ago because I thought I wanted to write something in Japanese. If you are interested in reading Japanese, please take a peek.

These are my recent bentos.

Rice --- Topped with salted sockeye salmon and edamame beans.

Chikuwa tempura --- Tempura batter (flour, carbonated water, curry powder and salt). Deep fried.

Omelet cubes --- Eggs, bacon. Ketchup.


Rice --- Mixed with scrambled egg, edamame beans and salt.

Broccoli --- Quick braised with a bit of water and oil and salt, and some shirasu (teeny tiny fishes). One of the best ways to eat broccoli.

Pork slices --- Blanched in simmering water, rinsed, tossed with shoyu and mustard. My fave way to eat pork.

Potato carrot kimpira --- Stir fried with oil, dashi shoyu, mirin and sugar. Sprinkled with sesame seeds.