Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Om-rice and Full of Fall Flavors

Hey buddies! Wednesday! Yes, the middle of the work week. Yes, my bento photos have accumulated so I need to post them by now. I can't wait for the weekend already, I have nothing special for the weekend plan at this point though. Well today I don't have much time to babble on, but I'm going to write later about the movie that I mentioned earlier. Ah I'm going to Omatsuri (a shrine festival) with my family this afternoon. I go this event every year since I was a little and (adorable?) child. I like omatsuri so much that I'm excited now. If I can take some pictures then, I'd love to share them sometime.

Om-rice! My favorite! This time I put a soft omelet on chicken/ketchup rice. Very simple.
Omrice Bento

This one is inspired by one of Heather's bentos. I didn't have a purple sweet potato on hand though. Sweet potato and fall salmon are *fall flavors*.
Fall Flavor Bento
Sweet potato rice, teriyaki fall salmon fillets, mini edamame/potato pancakes and egg salad surrounded with cuke slices.

*babykins' potato pancake recipe*
A couple of peeled potatoes
A couple of teaspoons flour
About 1 tablespoon edamame or corn
A little salt
Grate the potatoes, then add the other ingredients, then cook it in a frying pan.

I bought a fresh bunch of salmon roes. And teared it apart then seasoned it with a little of salt and shoyu the night before. You can eat fresh ikura (salty salmon roes) only during this season. It is the very, typical-fall-flavor here, I think! Only, those of you who hate raw fish-egg-thing, I should say to you *I'm sorry* ;)
Ikura Bento
Teriyaki pork slices, tamagoyaki slices, corn/chikuwa salad, sauteed pumpkin slices, ikura and medium polished rice decorated with nori.

Ikura Bento

Friday, September 10, 2010

Chicken Curry and Yakitori

At last Friday! Yee yey!! What's your plan for the weekend? We're going to Karaoke and a movie, *The Karate Kid*. My kid and I are excited now! Of course I've seen old karate kid a long time ago. Do you remember Ralph Macchio? I wonder how he's doing now. I take notice of that Will Smith's son and Jackie Chan are starring in the movie. Jackie was a real hero in my childhood. Anyway I'll write my opinion about it on the next post.

This morning I made a quick chicken curry.  Other dishes are spicy sesame potato, boiled egg, cucumber/umeboshi salad.

Yesterday morning I made *Yakitori Bento*. Yakitori is a sweet/salty chicken skewer like satay, seasoned with shoyu and sugar and mirin. Yakitori bento is a nationwide famous local fast food bento available only at convenience stores in our area. This time I duplicated it.
*WHOooo?? You are all checking out my bento?!? Don't do that! Does it look good?*

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Little Serious Bentos and the End of Summer

Hiii! What's uuuup? Phew it seems like my summer is finally over. I secretly hope that I won't be a liar again. The typhoon is approaching here. That means *the end of summer* in most cases. How was your summer? I had so much fun and laughs, some crying moments during the summer---of course I had lots of chocolate ice cream and tons of cooold latte also. Though we missed a chance to go to beaches, was able to go on some trips and camping. I had some partings and new encounters. Some people's gone where I can't probably see them. And I met some cool and inspirational people, who are all working hard toward their goals. I've still had emotional feeling, but like *the bento friendly season* has finally come, now my *serious bentomaking* has just started! I want to say good bye to my effortless bentos and no bento days lol!
Well I worked a little hard on making these bentos because I made all of these dishes in the morning. I hadn't worked hard in ages haha.

Oyster sauce/ketchup chicken, bell pepper/kamaboko stirfry, a few sorts of mushrooms stirfry. tamagoyaki slices, simmered flower-cut konnyaku, medium polished rice with nori. Guess what, to be honest I can't still remember the spelling of *ketchup*.

Ham-wrapped potato salad, slices of a braised aburaage/egg pouch, simmered hart-cut konnyaku, a kamaboko rose, marinated shrimp/chicken and medium polished rice with some edamame and sliced koume.

Good bye my hottest summer, thank you all my friends!