Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Om-rice and Full of Fall Flavors

Hey buddies! Wednesday! Yes, the middle of the work week. Yes, my bento photos have accumulated so I need to post them by now. I can't wait for the weekend already, I have nothing special for the weekend plan at this point though. Well today I don't have much time to babble on, but I'm going to write later about the movie that I mentioned earlier. Ah I'm going to Omatsuri (a shrine festival) with my family this afternoon. I go this event every year since I was a little and (adorable?) child. I like omatsuri so much that I'm excited now. If I can take some pictures then, I'd love to share them sometime.

Om-rice! My favorite! This time I put a soft omelet on chicken/ketchup rice. Very simple.
Omrice Bento

This one is inspired by one of Heather's bentos. I didn't have a purple sweet potato on hand though. Sweet potato and fall salmon are *fall flavors*.
Fall Flavor Bento
Sweet potato rice, teriyaki fall salmon fillets, mini edamame/potato pancakes and egg salad surrounded with cuke slices.

*babykins' potato pancake recipe*
A couple of peeled potatoes
A couple of teaspoons flour
About 1 tablespoon edamame or corn
A little salt
Grate the potatoes, then add the other ingredients, then cook it in a frying pan.

I bought a fresh bunch of salmon roes. And teared it apart then seasoned it with a little of salt and shoyu the night before. You can eat fresh ikura (salty salmon roes) only during this season. It is the very, typical-fall-flavor here, I think! Only, those of you who hate raw fish-egg-thing, I should say to you *I'm sorry* ;)
Ikura Bento
Teriyaki pork slices, tamagoyaki slices, corn/chikuwa salad, sauteed pumpkin slices, ikura and medium polished rice decorated with nori.

Ikura Bento


  1. Ahhh! Thank you so much for the link, I can't stop giggling :)

  2. Can you come here and make bento for me? OMG look at those yummy bento just torturing me hihihi ... Potato pancakes is nice, any recipe?

  3. @Heather
    Thank you, too! Next time I want to use a purple sweet potato (grin)!

  4. @Lia
    Yea I want to fly off over there if possible! :)
    Ok I'll update a recipe for it on the post now.

  5. Wow, they all look so delicious! Thanks for sharing your recipe. :)

  6. Great to learn that sweet potato and salmon are fall flavors...they are some of my very favorites! Hope the shrine festival was beautiful...these bentos are, as always :)

  7. The first photo is my most favorite one. It makes my mouth water :D~~~. You SHOULD post your yummy recipes by someday ^^v

  8. yum, i'm so happy that the season is changing here too, fall flavors are my absolute favorite! i love the simple but bold and stylish omurice presentation here, as well as the graphic nori-diamonds on the bottom bento!

  9. Very nice Bento ideas, we are just getting into the Bento lunches and they are a great idea.

  10. yummylicious! i havent made any bento for myself in months, your posts just makes me want to bring out my bento things and get working on the kitchen =D

  11. @Kuusou
    Thanks, and my pleasure. It's a too rough recipe though. ^^

  12. @Jenn
    Your salmon cake looked super yum!! We really enjoyed the entire shrine festival. I'm gonna share the photos later ;)

  13. @tatabonita
    Great to hear that you like omrice! Many people said the same thing to me. I gotta make an effort to get time for it.^^

  14. @megan
    Aw thanks, your STYLISH comment impressed me!^^
    I know you also like omurice and fried rice. They are perfect for a short-time-bento. ;)

  15. @The Midnight Writer
    Thank you and welcome!
    I hope this blog helps you get back into bentomaking or something. :)