Friday, September 10, 2010

Chicken Curry and Yakitori

At last Friday! Yee yey!! What's your plan for the weekend? We're going to Karaoke and a movie, *The Karate Kid*. My kid and I are excited now! Of course I've seen old karate kid a long time ago. Do you remember Ralph Macchio? I wonder how he's doing now. I take notice of that Will Smith's son and Jackie Chan are starring in the movie. Jackie was a real hero in my childhood. Anyway I'll write my opinion about it on the next post.

This morning I made a quick chicken curry.  Other dishes are spicy sesame potato, boiled egg, cucumber/umeboshi salad.

Yesterday morning I made *Yakitori Bento*. Yakitori is a sweet/salty chicken skewer like satay, seasoned with shoyu and sugar and mirin. Yakitori bento is a nationwide famous local fast food bento available only at convenience stores in our area. This time I duplicated it.
*WHOooo?? You are all checking out my bento?!? Don't do that! Does it look good?*

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!


  1. Your bento always so delicious! Love the small heart dish inside your glass box, very special. Yakitori is one of my favorite ♥

  2. That looks so very good!

    I love your blog and it really made me smile to see the Sylvianian families helping out!


  3. I love your bento friends! They look like they want to eat your yakitori! :)

  4. @Lia
    Thanks Lia! I like yakitori, too! I pick it at a night market's stand every time.

  5. @Life as a Caterpillar
    Thank you and welcome lesley!
    They are also flattered now :D

  6. @OhayoBento
    Hehe I'm not sure if they ate it or not, but maybe they should have gotten full ;)

  7. Yummy, yummy! Adore the the yakitori bento with the cute critters surrounding it! Your bento dishes always look so fresh and tender...

  8. Thanks Jenn! I always appreciate your supportive comment :)