Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Little Serious Bentos and the End of Summer

Hiii! What's uuuup? Phew it seems like my summer is finally over. I secretly hope that I won't be a liar again. The typhoon is approaching here. That means *the end of summer* in most cases. How was your summer? I had so much fun and laughs, some crying moments during the summer---of course I had lots of chocolate ice cream and tons of cooold latte also. Though we missed a chance to go to beaches, was able to go on some trips and camping. I had some partings and new encounters. Some people's gone where I can't probably see them. And I met some cool and inspirational people, who are all working hard toward their goals. I've still had emotional feeling, but like *the bento friendly season* has finally come, now my *serious bentomaking* has just started! I want to say good bye to my effortless bentos and no bento days lol!
Well I worked a little hard on making these bentos because I made all of these dishes in the morning. I hadn't worked hard in ages haha.

Oyster sauce/ketchup chicken, bell pepper/kamaboko stirfry, a few sorts of mushrooms stirfry. tamagoyaki slices, simmered flower-cut konnyaku, medium polished rice with nori. Guess what, to be honest I can't still remember the spelling of *ketchup*.

Ham-wrapped potato salad, slices of a braised aburaage/egg pouch, simmered hart-cut konnyaku, a kamaboko rose, marinated shrimp/chicken and medium polished rice with some edamame and sliced koume.

Good bye my hottest summer, thank you all my friends!


  1. ooo delicious! How do you make the fried egg pouch??

    oh and I think its catsup but I always spell it Ketchup since thats how its mostly spelled anymore and my spell checker says Ketchup is the correct spelling and catsup is not correct. SO you are correct!

  2. Hot summer here too, and lots of cold lattes consumed as well! Let's enjoy fall's new hues and light together...these glowing bentos put me in the mood for a new time of year:D

  3. Your rose is beautiful. Both of the bentos look very healthy and delicious!

  4. @Alisha
    I put a raw egg in a aburaage (fried thin tofu) pouch then braised in seasonings.
    haha thanks for checking the spelling. I've wondered what characters I should spell for *catsup*.

  5. @Jenn
    Thanks. Yeah let's enjoy everything of the upcoming fall! Delicious food, beautiful air, sky, nature, view...etc etc etc :D :D

  6. @OhayoBento
    Thanks! Your sweet comment encouraged me! :)