Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lost School Trip and Animal Buddies

Hi everybodeeey. How's everything? Although I think those of you who read the previous post may remember that I said my summer was almost over, NO WAY, I was totally wrong! The summer heat is still continuing here. Maybe this abnormal weather is because of global warming!? If that's the case, I'm kind of afraid. How will our Earth be going?? Anyhow therefore, also both my simple/effortless bentos and no bento days still continue hehehe. Actually I'm anxious if food in a bento bako can keep fresh until lunch time. Of course chocolate ice cream is still a must to me. Listen, this summer is the record intense heat for the first time in 113 years in Japan. I mean, everyone in Japan has been going through The HOTTEST SUMMER in 113 years, can you believe it?? I can't! Okay I'll stop complaining and making excuses now. I'll get down to the subject. Today Yuppi was going on a school trip to the park in a suburb, but it was cancelled due to rain. The students will have lunch in the crassrooms instead of on a field. This bento has lots of fruit because I could not get up so early, sigh. In fact I meant to make more dishes for this, though. The other bentos are ones I made the other days.

Nori ben, fried chicken, fried sweet potato flowers, a half of boiled egg, Kitty shaped cheeses, cherry tomatoes, an edamane skewer, cut fruit.
Bento For School

Oyako don (egg and chicken, white rice)
Oyako Don Bento

Simple chahan, dice salad (cucumber, carrot, potato, corn).

Now, as I mentioned before, let me show you the rest of animal pictures. A while back we went to the lakeside where there was a teeny tiny zoo nearby. They only had a pony, some of goats and sheep, and alot of rabbits. I hope ya'll enjoy these pics.

*Don't be mean! My mouth is watering!!*
outing to the suburb (18)

Chillin?? *Nooo, we're all just done in due to the heat*
outing to the suburb (17)

*It's too hot this summer, don't you think so man?*
outing to the suburb (15)

Look at this. How cute! Is it any cooler in there? I hope so...
outing to the suburb (16)

outing to the suburb (1)

outing to the suburb (4)

outing to the suburb (6)

outing to the suburb (14)

Have a lovely weekend!!


  1. The bunny with his feet sticking out of the pipe is sooooo cute! That chahan looks really tasty! I love your bentos :)

  2. Cuteness overwhelm, Izumi!! These are the sweetest animal pics, bunnnyyyys awwwwwwww!! Wow. Will bookmark this post under "Look at When Having a Bad Day." Amazing.

    And your gentle happy bentos are feel-good items as always...

  3. Hee, Hello Kitty cheese! Too cute. Although not as cute as the bunnies..and sheep! I want to give that sheep a big old hug.

  4. Yummy field-trip bentos but so sorry for the rain :(. Ahahahaha, I really love the pict of that hiding bunny... It's so silly silly silly and silly :D

  5. @OhayoBento
    Thank you and welcome :)
    At first I found him, I cracked up the way he got in to the pipe. I really couldn't help shooting it. Even now I grin in spite of myself every time I look at this photo. :D

  6. @Jenn
    Thank you! haha your cute comment did put a smile on my face. I'm happy you and your hubby enjoyed these photo.
    I will look at these when I feel down. :)

  7. @Carol
    You like Hello Kitty besides mamegoma?!
    These animals are so adorable but look like a bit stupid to me LOL!

  8. HAHA yeah the silly bunny....I actually wanted to tease and pull out then hug him at that time hehe.