Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Effortless Bentos and Lake Outing

Hey buddies! How is it where you are? Still hot? or cold? I guess my summer is almost over, but it's NOT getting any cooler, so I've still eaten chocolate ice cream persistently and been dragging.  Also my effortless bentos still continue....haha. The first bento is Curry fried rice, the second is... what do you think it is?? If you guess what bento it is, I'll give you my special bento...hehe just joking! If I could do that for real, wouldn't it be so nice huh? Imagine that some food pops out from a blog. If blogs like that were anywhere, how fun!? But instead, it's so scary LOL! Well, the third is my favorite rice dish, Salmon/cuke chirashi. All of these bentos are super easy to make and pack, yey.

In the meantime, we went on an outing to the suburb this past weekend. It was not too hot, but pleasant weather there. I'll post the rest of the animal pics on the next post! Stay tuned.

Curry Chahan


Salmon/cucumber Chirashizushi

Waaaa what are you doing?!? Are you a bento thief? Or a bento packer??
Salmon/cucumber Chirashizushi

Alley to the lakeside
outing to the suburb (9)

Mt. Komagatake and Lake Onuma
outing to the suburb (10)

Standing with my back to the lake.
outing to the suburb (12)

Italian restaurant in the forest. Their pasta dishes are really yum!
outing to the suburb (13)

*Hey give us something!  Feed us!!* The Starving Bros.
outing to the suburb (5)


  1. well I know what your second bento is, but only because I saw it on Flickr first ;) It looks SO YUMMY!! (But I really want the chirashi!) Love this post--so cute. Looks like a really fun and relaxing trip!

    (It cooled like 20 degrees F here overnight! It's only going to be 70F (about 20C) here today. Hot tea, here I come!)

  2. MMMM, everything looks very tasty...perfect for a hot afternoon!

    Love the outing pictures, too.

    I think the kitty looks like a bento packer! Very cute. :)

  3. @tofugirl
    Ooowee! My flickr buddy! :D
    Thanks, I really felt relaxed and refreshed there.
    That much?! Don't catch a cold. Yep hot drink is necessary! It's somewhat cool here today. My friend staying in San Francisco told me that it's cold there too.

  4. @Kuusou
    Yea I think sushi rice and curry flavored dishes are appropriate for a hot day in particular.

    I think so, too! Perhaps the kitten made that bento, in fact! ^^

  5. It's hot in the morning and rainy in the afternoon here, would love to have one of your bentos to brighten up my day! :D

  6. Oh what a beautiful place!
    Your bento looked so yummy and I feel like eating again even though I just had my dinner!!

  7. We will have a hot weather for the whole week! Wish my effortless bento will turn out so yummy like yours ... *sigh* The Italian restaurant looks very classic and the lake looks so peaceful.

  8. @tata
    Isn't it humid there? Sending you my bento with cool air and LOVE hehehe. Have a good day!

  9. @Angeleyes
    Thank you Angeleyes! It's ok you have dinner again, no problem lol. :D

  10. @Lia
    Is it hot there all year??
    That restaurant is really nice! No way, your bentos are always effortful and loving and yummy, I'm sure. :)

  11. We just have 2 seasons here. Dry season and wet season, even sometimes wet season is still hot and very humid too.

  12. I feel like I've been on vacation by looking at this post, Izumi! Love it all--sweet goat bros, pretty lake, and effortlessly elegant and fun bentos! Bento kitty thief stole my heart...can I have some chirashi, please?

  13. @Lia
    Oooh really? Maybe the hot/wet weather in there is similar to one in Japanese main land. I'm not sure if I can stand that weather, but still I wanna try living for a while in your country. :D

  14. @Jenn
    Sure, let's have together this chirashi bento. Oops the kitty already finished it up lol!
    This location is really peaceful and healing, where there is a mini mini animal land nearby. :)