Friday, January 30, 2015

Hello 2015

Hello there! Belated belated happy 2015! It's way toooo behind gahhh. Oh well, it's good I can greet you guys before January is over. I've hibernated for a while because it's winter here, yes. I've been snowed in lol. Anyway, first of all, let me tell you my New Year's resolutions for the year as it's one of my annual rituals here. Ahem, I hope to blog as much as I can! Wait, I feel like I say the same thing every year. You are all tired of hearing that, aren't you? I AM never tired of saying it lol. Okay while many bloggers have moved to handier and easier stuff like Instagram, Facebook or something, I still stick to blogging because it's where I end up coming back, even though I also enjoy some of those SNSs. Another resolution of mine is to write in Japanese as well, along with my odd English sentences, heehee. Since I haven't written Japanese articles in forever, I'm a bit nervous wondering if I can write properly lol! Not sure whether I go with literal translation or free. Though, I think it will be kind of interesting work.

I've been packing some bentos this year, but haven't photographed them at all. So this is my very first bento shot of the year. Today I made omusubi dogs (rice rolls with sausages), chicken egg salad, renkon salad and spinach salad. Yes, salad salad salad. Tossed some pieces of steamed chicken tenders and boiled eggs with grain mustard and mayonnaise. Tossed boiled lotus root slices with shoyu and umeboshi. Tossed boiled spinach with a bit of salt, sesame oil and sesame seeds. Winter spinach is perfect for a bento dish, because it's delicious itself for sure.