Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Please Stay

How hard it's to actually carry out what you said. I said that I would blog every day if possible, but I've done nothing. Hahhh, shame on me! Okay, who cares? Anyway I'm going to try my best. In the meantime, spring arrived around here and sukura trees are in bloom right now (that's way earlier than usual!) even though I haven't even posted pictures of early spring flowers yet. I feel a bit frustrated because it seems like the sakura blossoms are ending before long, while I can't get around to going to take shots. Hey spring, don't go, please stay! Oh well, still I'm really enjoying the short spring here and hope you guys are also enjoying your season wherever you are.

Tulips and snowflakes are always cute.

They are just about to be over. They don't last very long like cherry blossoms. I will be missing these delicate and adorable flowers of early spring for sure.

Shidare zakura
I love shidare zakura (weeping sakura) too.

Shidare zakura
I couldn't take good shots, the branches were dancing in the wind. But I love how they gently, lithely sway above as if to talk to me. I am a poet right now... Lol!

2015-04-20 bento

2015-04-09 bento

2015-04-07 bento
If you are curious about what I made for these bentos, of course feel free to ask me.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

A New Beginning

2015-04-02 bento
Mushroom butter rice, herb-fried cod, fried sweet potato, ume-tossed cabbage and pickled carrot.

Java sparrow and lovebirds

Unfortunately I missed a chance to freak out you guys. It's already April 2 here haha. Speaking of April, it means a new beginning here in Japan. The new starts of things, the season that everyone is thrilled about changes of things. Lots of exciting things are coming along.

This is just today's bento, and I decided to post an entry every day as long as I could take shots. Happy spring guys!!