Thursday, June 06, 2013

Early Summer Flavor


So nice it's the iced latte season and cherries have started to come out at groceries. Latte is my everyday breakfast and dope at the moment!



These two bentos are a collaboration of Yuppi and me. I made terini chicken, Yuppi made chicken gratin and a tomato cheese omelet. Since she was in a bread mood she had some slices of baguette. After packing Hubs' rice, I realized that everything in the bento was bread-friendly, I mean, they go much better with bread than rice, oh poor hubby, lol!


For this one, I made chili pork (a pork version of chili shrimp), rough-cooked soft omelet to go with the pork, and toasted kamaboko with cheese on it.

Birthday Cake

We had Hubs' birthday last month. I baked a sponge cake for the first time in a while. Of course Yuppi decorated it. She loves piping cream on cake, but we needed some more whipped cream to dress up the sponge more neatly. Though, I think it turned out kind of cute, isn't it? Having enjoyed a huge variety of cakes and sweets since a kid, I find these days, nothing beats homemade ones. No matter if they don't look gorgeous or fancy. You know, you can pick out ingredients yourself and adjust them as you like. Once you get the hang it's not such a pain to make cake! Yes, the whole of these phrases go to myself lol! It always takes me some time to get off my butt.