Friday, February 20, 2015

It Won't Be That Long

I felt like posting something, but unfortunately haven't taken bento pictures much lately. I had to rake unposted ones from the last year, lol. These ones are all bland, but anyway, some of my last bentos of 2014. It seems like I only just managed to throw foods together. Better than nothing. It's totally all right, huh?

2014-12-11 0831

2014-12-05 0823

2014-12-20 0747

2014-12-19 0741

2014-12-15 0923

2014-11-19 0806

You know what? I'm going to reach my 300th post soon! I assumed I hadn't done all that much, so I'm even surprised that this will happen. Do you know what *The 300th post* means? Oh yeah! We're (you and me of course) going to be doing something fun. Although I don't think many people read this blog, would love to share a little thrill with you long-time readers. I came up with a few ideas for it, though, one thing I can tell for now, I want it to be more interesting and exciting than the things I've done before.