Friday, July 05, 2013

Computer Trouble and Tanabata Prep

Hi there! Actually my computer has sucked I haven't been able to see decent pictures on the screen. My bento pictures have been accumulated though! Also I am sorry that I don't respond to everyone's comments in a timely fashion. I'm going to be absent a bit longer, but will be back soon after getting a new comp (hopefully a much better one, haha), and then I will reply to the comments. Anyway thank you so much for always leaving encouraging comments!!

These are some of the bentos I made recently. Are you curious about what's in them?? I'll save it for the next time hehee.




In the meantime, Yuppi and I made tons of star cookies to pass out to her mates. Tanabata is coming soon! Speaking of stars... I hope my buddies in the US had (are having) a happy Independence Day!