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From Strange, Lithuania. The details at Gyvenimas yra nuostabus.

aerial view
From Priscilla, USA. The details on Priscilla's flickr.

From Burinsmith, Australia. The details on bento wa.

From Tatabonita, Indonesia. The details on Bonita's cooking bento wonderland.

From Gamene, USA. The details on bento zen.

From Angelenteo, UK. The details on Journey with Angelene.

From Mande Kenneybrook. Her current favorite bento.

From Heather, USA. The details on Ohayo Bento.


From Bentomonsters. The details on BENTO, MONSTERS.

From Lizzie, Canada. The details on veggie bento love.

From Torng Horng, Singapore. For her 7-year-old daughter.

From Shirley, Singapore. The details on Bento Singapore.

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    Kimono Girl Bento by Shirley Wong, Bento Singapore