Friday, January 20, 2012

Curry Shrimp Bento

Today's quick bento okazu (dish) is sauteed shrimp. I cleaned some shrimps then lightly floured. Then sauteed both sides of them, and seasoned with a little herb salt and curry powder. It's tasty cold and goes well with bread as well. Flouring keeps shrimp moist and helps keep its flavor. You could season your sauteed shrimp as you like -- For example, shoyu and garlic, tomato sauce (or ketchup) and Tabasco, ketchup and mayonnaise, and so on. If you find fresh and inexpensive shrimp give this a try!


There are two photos here. I basically like my photos unretouched and natural. But sometimes can't stand my photo which stinks. I took this one without enough sunlight so it came out a kind of dull shot. So I retouched it by Picnik.

Look, this one is that. Isn't it a bit brightened up? For those of you who haven't tried Picnik yet, you can use some basic functions for free with it. I think it's simpler and easier to play around with pictures by Picnik than by Photoshop.

This one is not retouched. These strawberries were so good that I had to post it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First Bento 2012

Helloooo everyone, hello my first bento 2012!! This year I decided I wanted to improve my camera skill. Of course my cooking skill as well. I am excited about how many bentos I can make and how I will pack them in the future. Hmm the memorable first bentos don't look so much great. I thought they would be more gorgeous haha! Well that's the way it goes. Maybe I'm going to stick to my bento style on. More effortless, yet tasty and comforting.

I'm not really happy with this picture. I took the shot in a hurry. The only thing, the Rilakkuma crawling on my tamagoyaki makes me smile.

I tried taking pictures of this bento in two patterns as I had enough time then. Which of them looks tasty?


This one is today's bento. I packed leftovers from last night, yes, super quick bento! One of Rilakkumas is digging into a chicken mound, and the other is working out on a balance ball!!

Monday, January 02, 2012

What I Have Done For The Last Week

SHINNEN AKEMASHITE OMEDETOU GOZAIMASU!!! Happy Happy New Year! 2012 has come to you and me! I'd like to say thank you to those of you who frequently visited this blog last year. This year also, I hope that we can all share a fun time and nice ideas together through bentoing! I actually did not have a chance to make bento since the last post. Maybe I'll make some bento about a week later. So today's post has photos I've taken for the last week. I hope everyone enjoy them with me!

This is what I saw in the Christmas morning.

Our Christmas cake this time. I'm a bit proud of my chiffon cake hehe.
Chiffon Cake

Yuppi and her best friend made a gingerbread house for the first time ever at her English school. The house base was prepared beforehand by the school. Its taste wasn't our type, but they really enjoyed assembling and decorating the little house. 

*Is Santa coming?..*

I feel so blessed because I had some Santa Clauses this time who gave me such hearty presents. I got a Christmas card from my great bento pal, Heather at Ohayo Bento, which put a smile on my face. Thank you Heather!

In the meantime, my cookie meister tofugirl at Open Mouth Insert Cookie sent us a super lovely gift! Way back, I actually said to her that I hoped to have her cookies because she'd made wonderful baked goods each time! So she granted my wish in time for Christmas! Thank you tofugirl!!

Yum yum.... Matcha flavored shortbread cookies and cinnamon ones. How cute they are!?!? They were really so good that we and Moxy already ate all up haha!

Yuppi is very happy with Moxy!

Here are presents that my sweet little Santa selected for me. I sent her a cute backpack, a muffler and a pair of gloves.

The New Year's Eve night was too beautiful not to take a photo.
New Year's Eve Night

Actually, the rest of the family have left for Sapporo by train to see relatives yesterday.

So now I'm savoring my own time at home.
Happy tea time

Look! this is my dinner today yay! Haha just joking! It's a fake ebi fry teishoku that I found at the front of the restaurant in the station!

I like this one much better!