Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fruit Sammy and Baguette Sammy

It's raining here today. Look at today's my lunch, boring shot. I'm considering seriously that I need a lighting for my shooting so bad. Oh well I'm doing pretty good every day but still cry every day actually. At the afflicted areas, quite severe situations are still continuing. A man who lost his five family members, a young mother keeping looking for her two little children in mass of rubble. Supplies still don't reach some evacuation areas. Some people are only given one onigiri a day. Can you believe it? Here is Japan! And the nuclear workers working so hard without getting enough sleep who are risking their lives. Everything is heart breaking. Meanwhile, I can lead a normal life, nothing different from before the earthquake... What can I do for those affected and our country now other than donation? I've been considering. I guess everyone thinks the same. But I know, anyhow, we just have to do things we can. So I think I have to keep on as usual.



Well I think you may think I eat TOO much. But don't worry, I shared these bentos with my friends. They contain my fave sammy. A combo of  strawberry and whipped pure cream, it's almost HEAVEN. The rest of this bento are ham&cheese sammies and pasta salad which is also my favorite! Now it's the strawberry season here so it's fun to make something using fresh strawberries woo! I'm going to share a strawberry dessert recipe next time, Stay tuned!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Hinomaru Bento and Wrap Bento

I'm finally back in bentomaking. Yes I'm going to keep going! Thank you so much for the thoughtful comments to my earlier posts. I appreciate every single one of them. They really encouraged me and let me know how much I was loved by you all.... Haha that's a joke but it was so great to see that all of you had thought of me at that moment. And I have to say, many many bento pals are trying so hard to help Japan. I realized how much they loved our country. It means way more than they know. I saw some of them make a hinomaru bento to encourage Japan. Not to mention it inspired me so I thought my first bento after the earthquake was supposed to be a hinomaru bento. *Hinomaru* means a round of the sun. It's the symbol of Japan and the name of the national flag. Hinomaru bento is white rice topped with a red round umeboshi, which is one of good old bento styles. From time immemorial, it has been said that Japan is the country where the sun starts rising. GANBARE Nippon!!

Hinomaru bento... syoyu-braised chicken slices, cheese omelet slices, boiled shrimp gyoza (leftover), boiled romanesco and iyokan orange bunnies that cheer me up.

Wrap wrap bento... I forgot to cook rice this day so I made some chapati-looking things for this bento. This one contains cheese curry (leftover), a fried egg, heart-shaped cheese slices, ham slices and cut fruits. Making chapati is such a pain in the busy morning. So I made super quick crepes using whole wheat flour and rice flour. It has a sticky texture like mochi. But the recipe is too rough to share yet.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thank You Again

It's already been 5 days since the earthquake. I haven't felt like doing anything in the meanwhile. Fortunately my area has been little affected. A part of the town was only flooded by the small-scale tsunami. I am really thankful that we are all safe and didn't lose any of our friends or relatives. But the suffering of those affected is still lingering. Many of them haven't been able to see their children or parents yet. More than 10,000 people are still missing. My heart is wrenching thinking about it. At the evacuation areas, all sorts of stuff come short, food, water, heating, fuel, lines of communication, transportation for essentials. Besides we are intimidated by possibility of nuclear explosions. We are going through such a severe ordeal that we've never had before. However, everyone in Japan started stepping forward to overcome it. The relief teams from abroad arrived in Japan. I saw many people outside of Japan considering donation for Japan in all kinds of ways. I was very touched to tears. All Japanese and foreigners who live in Japan know that everyone around world is praying for them. It has absolutely become a big big power to bear up under this disaster. They really appreciate it.

Many of my dear buddies sent me messages, concern, thoughts and prayers, really cheered me up. I appreciate all of them. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm doing alright!

What frightening sights. So many people have already died. I'm so sad, and now afraid of tsunami and radiation leakages at the Fukushima nuclear plant. But I'm OK so far anyway! My phone is still not working though. Thank you so much for lots of your messages and concern. Please pray for Japan. 

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Spring Bentos and New Bentobako

Although I mentioned my 100th post giveaway earlier, I have a few more posts left to write until I reach it hahah. I've been preparing my first giveaway items to send the winner in the meantime. I'm so excited finding some lovely bento gears. I sure hope the winner likes them! Sooo I'm going to post some bentos before I'm ready for the giveaway. Some of you may already saw these pictures everywhere else!

This contains scrambled egg and spinach stir-fry atop rice, shrimp/mayo, lettuce/braised chicken salad and a simmered chikuwa skewer.

This one contains some karaage, tamagoyaki slices, nimono, pickled cabbage, rice and sakura (cherry blossom) shaped cookies for dessert.

Here are stuff I baked for Hinamatsuri (Girl's Day).
sakura cookies-1

hinamatsuri cupcakes

This is my new bento box whoopee! You know what, the same one is included in the giveaway list!! Do you like this?? I hope so!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Recent Bentos and Giveaway

Hey everybodyyy Happy Girls Day!!! Today's post has nothing to do with it. I may post something about it later though. Well I've been blowing off blogging for a while. In the meantime, guess what, it looks like it's almost 100th post! At first I had no idea how long I'd keep posting this blog. I guessed nobody would give a hoot. I appreciate that so many people stopped by and left a commentIt has really meant a lot to me. So I decided to do something fun and exciting to commemorate my 100th post on the blog! Oh yeah I'm going to do a giveaway some of these days wow! I'm now assembling my favorite bento gears. So stay tuned!

Locomoco bento with a chocolate banana pudding.

Hodgepodge omrice with a chocolate madeleine.

This bread bento contains a homemade bread, egg salad, a teriyaki tofu/chicken patty, boiled romanesco, dekopon orange wedges. A homebaked chocolate chip cookie and hot tea for dessert.

Ginger pork, tamagoyaki slices, potato salad, dekopon wedges and rice.