Thursday, March 03, 2011

Recent Bentos and Giveaway

Hey everybodyyy Happy Girls Day!!! Today's post has nothing to do with it. I may post something about it later though. Well I've been blowing off blogging for a while. In the meantime, guess what, it looks like it's almost 100th post! At first I had no idea how long I'd keep posting this blog. I guessed nobody would give a hoot. I appreciate that so many people stopped by and left a commentIt has really meant a lot to me. So I decided to do something fun and exciting to commemorate my 100th post on the blog! Oh yeah I'm going to do a giveaway some of these days wow! I'm now assembling my favorite bento gears. So stay tuned!

Locomoco bento with a chocolate banana pudding.

Hodgepodge omrice with a chocolate madeleine.

This bread bento contains a homemade bread, egg salad, a teriyaki tofu/chicken patty, boiled romanesco, dekopon orange wedges. A homebaked chocolate chip cookie and hot tea for dessert.

Ginger pork, tamagoyaki slices, potato salad, dekopon wedges and rice.


  1. Congratulations on 100 posts!!! I hope to see a million more! ^_^ Delicious bentos, I really want to dig into the locomoco bento!

  2. Ditto what ohayobento said :D Delicious looking bentos! Did you celebrate Girls' Day? I wonder if I still qualify as a girl....probably not, hahaha

  3. Yes, congrats on 100 yummy lovely bentos Izumi! As I've told you before, looking at your bento pics always makes me feel so cozy...they add a certain gentle happiness to the bento world :D

    Homemade bread bento with tea and homebaked chocolate chip cookie is soooo delightful!

  4. Thank you Heather! Okay come on but don't eat the container hehe.

  5. Congrats Izumi on your 100th post! Hope to see many more delicious bento from your blog :) All the best ... I'm enjoying so much reading your beautiful blog :)