Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fruit Sammy and Baguette Sammy

It's raining here today. Look at today's my lunch, boring shot. I'm considering seriously that I need a lighting for my shooting so bad. Oh well I'm doing pretty good every day but still cry every day actually. At the afflicted areas, quite severe situations are still continuing. A man who lost his five family members, a young mother keeping looking for her two little children in mass of rubble. Supplies still don't reach some evacuation areas. Some people are only given one onigiri a day. Can you believe it? Here is Japan! And the nuclear workers working so hard without getting enough sleep who are risking their lives. Everything is heart breaking. Meanwhile, I can lead a normal life, nothing different from before the earthquake... What can I do for those affected and our country now other than donation? I've been considering. I guess everyone thinks the same. But I know, anyhow, we just have to do things we can. So I think I have to keep on as usual.



Well I think you may think I eat TOO much. But don't worry, I shared these bentos with my friends. They contain my fave sammy. A combo of  strawberry and whipped pure cream, it's almost HEAVEN. The rest of this bento are ham&cheese sammies and pasta salad which is also my favorite! Now it's the strawberry season here so it's fun to make something using fresh strawberries woo! I'm going to share a strawberry dessert recipe next time, Stay tuned!



  1. hi izumi, these sandwiches look soooo delicious to me, and fun to share with friends. never tried a "sweet" sandwich (like fruit and cream) before, but i want one now -- a dessert sandwich to eat after your savory sandwich!

    i am sorry to hear that you are crying every day, sending you hugs from new york... you are right to keep living your life, even though all of our hearts are with the people in japan most impacted by the disaster (including the power plant workers). it's such a reminder to be thankful for the blessings in our life and to do what we can (even if it *is* just donations) to help others.

  2. lovely, lovely bento--the spirit of softness and plenty in your images always so pleasing Izumi...

    It is so heartbreaking, the losses--yet scenes of great strength, love and solidarity in response to these events are so inspiring. life is so delicate, complex and precious...

    hugs and warm thoughts from Virginia, my friend.

  3. It's also heart breaking for us to see what have happened in Japan, pray that Japanese will always be blessed with lost of patience. Btw, to see your yummy sandwich is already a relieve for us that in difficult condition there is still happiness :D

  4. Thank you Megan, you're right and the comment is really encouraging. I wish Japan can get back on feet as soon as possible. All of your thoughts are truly heartening to us!
    Fruits/fresh cream sandwiches are so yummy. Custard cream goes well, too. You have to try it one day! ;)