Friday, March 25, 2011

Hinomaru Bento and Wrap Bento

I'm finally back in bentomaking. Yes I'm going to keep going! Thank you so much for the thoughtful comments to my earlier posts. I appreciate every single one of them. They really encouraged me and let me know how much I was loved by you all.... Haha that's a joke but it was so great to see that all of you had thought of me at that moment. And I have to say, many many bento pals are trying so hard to help Japan. I realized how much they loved our country. It means way more than they know. I saw some of them make a hinomaru bento to encourage Japan. Not to mention it inspired me so I thought my first bento after the earthquake was supposed to be a hinomaru bento. *Hinomaru* means a round of the sun. It's the symbol of Japan and the name of the national flag. Hinomaru bento is white rice topped with a red round umeboshi, which is one of good old bento styles. From time immemorial, it has been said that Japan is the country where the sun starts rising. GANBARE Nippon!!

Hinomaru bento... syoyu-braised chicken slices, cheese omelet slices, boiled shrimp gyoza (leftover), boiled romanesco and iyokan orange bunnies that cheer me up.

Wrap wrap bento... I forgot to cook rice this day so I made some chapati-looking things for this bento. This one contains cheese curry (leftover), a fried egg, heart-shaped cheese slices, ham slices and cut fruits. Making chapati is such a pain in the busy morning. So I made super quick crepes using whole wheat flour and rice flour. It has a sticky texture like mochi. But the recipe is too rough to share yet.


  1. Very sad to see what happened in Japan. But glad that people in there are so strong. Love to see you back in your bento making. Delicious bento pictures for us to enjoy! Hope you will have a great time with your family over the weekend :)

  2. I'm so glad to see you making bentos again! I love what you did with the egg!! That's so cool!

    Bento4Japan is going so strong! I'm overwhelmed by the generosity of the bento community. Everyone has really gotten together to try to make a difference. :)

  3. I am amazed by how the bento love community has such a force! I'm very proud of being one of them.

    Thank you, the skin of the egg just happened to strip. Not that I meant to make it this way haha!

  4. Inspired by these wonderful bentos, Izumi! They brought good cheer and tummy growls of to eat some lunch now! Hugs...

  5. Oo I wonder what you had! Yea I'm sure you had a classy and delicious one :)
    Thank you Jenn, just got the hugs!!

  6. Welcome back Izumi! I'm always grateful to know all my Japanese friends are safe :D. Hey, I really like to see your cute little romanesco and rabbits from orange :D

  7. hehe I actually also like both the orange and romanesco! Good to relish and pleasing to the eye.
    Thank you for your thoughts Tatachan. And sorry I've not shown up on your blog... had been away from blogging for a while, ehehe. :)