Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bento Pile Part 3

I know, you may be tired of my familiar bento posts, but it goes on for a while. So please be prepared, lol! It doesn't look like I can catch up with the bento pile. Oh well I hope to get all the stuff done and share pictures of something other than bentos as well like how I used to do. Maybe sometime soon!

Salted salmon bento.

Potato korokke bento.

2013-09-03 0
Ramen salad bentos.

2013-09-03 1

2013-09-13 0
My special chicken bentos.

2013-09-13 1

2013-09-11 0
Hamburger stew bentos.

2013-09-11 1

Monday, September 09, 2013

Bento Pile Part 2

My summer passed by so fast while I was struggling with my computer trouble. Now we are getting into the delicious autumn. Here I'm sitting and looking back over the bentos I made in the summer. I have enjoyed making a variety of bentos, thinking what foods I (or my fam) want to have in bento, or I should put in. At the same time, I have tried to see what type of photos I want to take or can take with the camera stuff I have on hand. My photography is minor-changing day by day because most of my photos are still not my type. I love bento pictures as much as real bentos. My little challenges and adventures will continue!

Chicken katsu (breaded chicken with sauce) and what you see.

A bowl of sekihan (sticky rice with sweet azuki beans) and some sidedishes.

Hotdog rice rolls and usual sidedishes.

2013-07-12 02
I love making bread for bento. Sammies with pan-cooked English muffins are my favorite these days.

2013-07-12 01
Slices of my special (just saying) terini chicken along with some vegetables. Dry curry along with boiled egg slices. Honey & butter which is hub's fave.

It's every time fun to think what to do on bread bentos with packaging for easy-eating and fancy-looking, huh?