Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bento Pile Part 3

I know, you may be tired of my familiar bento posts, but it goes on for a while. So please be prepared, lol! It doesn't look like I can catch up with the bento pile. Oh well I hope to get all the stuff done and share pictures of something other than bentos as well like how I used to do. Maybe sometime soon!

Salted salmon bento.

Potato korokke bento.

2013-09-03 0
Ramen salad bentos.

2013-09-03 1

2013-09-13 0
My special chicken bentos.

2013-09-13 1

2013-09-11 0
Hamburger stew bentos.

2013-09-11 1


  1. Please don't apologise, loving seeing what you're posting! Looks delicious as ever! :) I was really enjoying your photos too, especially the ones on the dark wood, with lots of space in the photo. It looks serene and beautiful.

  2. That hamburger stew looks interesting. Can I request a future recipe?

  3. I have one question.Do you usually eat the divider or just throw it away. ie : lettuce

  4. They all look wonderful! I'm always so inspired looking at your photos :)

  5. Of course I don't throw them away. They are edible dividers :)

  6. Nice to hear that! That comment inspires me, too :)

  7. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! It means a lot!