Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bento Pile Part 4

Oh my! How long has it been since I declared that I'd be back to regular blogging soon? The computer, software, bento pictures and my new glasses. Everything is ready, really. However I've had a hard time sitting before the computer. So I nearly forgot how to write in English, haha! I think I must be back here as soon as possible before I totally forget English! Anyway unfortunately I don't have much time for babble now. I'll leave with some bentos, and will be back sometime soon.

Bibimbap rice, thermo jars of piping hot egg and wakame (seaweed) soup. Bibimbap --- carrot, spinach, pork, moyashi sprouts.
2013 -11-20 0

2013-11-20 1

Meatballs, tomato omelet, sauteed kabocha squash, boiled broccoli.
2013-11-13 0

2013-11-13 1

Homemade white buns, slices of herb-grilled chicken, boiled eggs and veggies, and jars of hot veggie soup.
2013-11-12 0

2013-11-12 1

Yuppi made most of the foods and I packed them. She has tried to make some money by making bentos. That's her job for now. There is a problem, can I complain?? She makes bento foods from scratch every morning without any prior prep. She gets totally exhausted after cooking and has no energy to do anything else. I have to do packing and the dishes instead, sigh. I hope that she can pull her weight soon and I can be comfortable and lazy having tea while she's working LOL!


  1. Finally you come back! So missing your posts and amazing photos.

  2. Haah! ^0^ Maybe, I can say 'maybe'. I want to catch up with everything soon...

  3. So nice to see you back, and I'm drooling over your delicious dishes (eg bibimbap, but also everything!) Sounds like you're on a good plan with your daughter, though it might take time to make it smooth, so you can enjoy a cup of tea and plan your day :). These things take time. Now if I could only follow your example and get my teenage and soon-to-be teenage sons to cook??!

  4. Totally! It takes a lot of time. I don't think I can be so patient :P You have two boys, that's more hopeful :)
    Let's keep holding on until our dreams come true, hehehe.