Monday, September 09, 2013

Bento Pile Part 2

My summer passed by so fast while I was struggling with my computer trouble. Now we are getting into the delicious autumn. Here I'm sitting and looking back over the bentos I made in the summer. I have enjoyed making a variety of bentos, thinking what foods I (or my fam) want to have in bento, or I should put in. At the same time, I have tried to see what type of photos I want to take or can take with the camera stuff I have on hand. My photography is minor-changing day by day because most of my photos are still not my type. I love bento pictures as much as real bentos. My little challenges and adventures will continue!

Chicken katsu (breaded chicken with sauce) and what you see.

A bowl of sekihan (sticky rice with sweet azuki beans) and some sidedishes.

Hotdog rice rolls and usual sidedishes.

2013-07-12 02
I love making bread for bento. Sammies with pan-cooked English muffins are my favorite these days.

2013-07-12 01
Slices of my special (just saying) terini chicken along with some vegetables. Dry curry along with boiled egg slices. Honey & butter which is hub's fave.

It's every time fun to think what to do on bread bentos with packaging for easy-eating and fancy-looking, huh?


  1. I love sekihan! All the bento looks so delicious!

  2. Your bentos are so pretty! Love the way you wrapped the muffin sandwiches

  3. Hi there! Thank you for commenting!
    You love sekihan?! That's so good. :)

  4. Hi there! Wow your words make me run to bread-bento even more, hehee. Than you :D

  5. Your food looks so homey and tasty, I love it! How do you cook your english muffins, in the oven or on a pan? I find it's hard to get them cooked through without burning if I do them on a pan. They look perfect!

  6. Thank you Karen! I love your bentos, too! They are my kind for sure :)

    I don't have muffin circles so I always use a frying pan. Over very low heat and make sure to put on the lid.

  7. Lid on!!! why didn't I think of that!!! yay!

  8. Izumi-san--how do you store your Daigaku-imo? When I store it in the fridge, it gets wet and unappetizing. Given that it's covered in a sweet, salty sauce, it's OK to keep outside the fridge overnight, yes?

  9. I eat mine soon after making :) If your daigakuimo gets wet I guess you added water a bit too much in the sauce. Plus cooked sweet potato usually dries out or its texture gets worse in the fridge. At room temperature, maybe daigakuimo will keep good for about half a day unless it's very hot (or cold) in your room :)