Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First Bento 2012

Helloooo everyone, hello my first bento 2012!! This year I decided I wanted to improve my camera skill. Of course my cooking skill as well. I am excited about how many bentos I can make and how I will pack them in the future. Hmm the memorable first bentos don't look so much great. I thought they would be more gorgeous haha! Well that's the way it goes. Maybe I'm going to stick to my bento style on. More effortless, yet tasty and comforting.

I'm not really happy with this picture. I took the shot in a hurry. The only thing, the Rilakkuma crawling on my tamagoyaki makes me smile.

I tried taking pictures of this bento in two patterns as I had enough time then. Which of them looks tasty?


This one is today's bento. I packed leftovers from last night, yes, super quick bento! One of Rilakkumas is digging into a chicken mound, and the other is working out on a balance ball!!


  1. All look very tasty! 

  2. Everything looks so delicious! Cute picks (Rirakkumas) too :3
    I personally really like the maroon and white cloth.

  3. The cute little Rilakkumas are adorable!!  I love all of your bentos, they look delicious.  

  4. Thank you so much for the support Strange! 

  5. Aw thank you Juno! I really like the picks, too!

  6. Thank you Heather for the Rilakkuma and encouraging comment!

  7. hi babykins, happy new year (excuse my late greeting)!  your new bentos look very appetizing as usual... and i admire your pursuit to improve your photography, these shots are beautiful.

    rillakuma on a balance ball -- hahaha!

  8. Wooow how have you been?! So glad to hear from you! I hope you've been doing great and had a wonderful New Year. 
    Thanks for the thoughtful comment as always, Megan!