Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Late Summer Memories and Short-time Bentos

Hey buddies konnichiwa! How's everything?? It's getting colder here so at last I turned on the roomheating today. How about your place?? The insanely hot summer has gone far faaaar away. I miss having chocolate ice cream, but the weather has been crispy recently. So many foods are yum in this season in particular. That means.... YES I find myself overeating very often!!! Autumn fruits, fresh fishes, freshly harvested rice, hot one-pot dishes, chocolates, cookies and cakes, everything is DELISH!! Oh no help meee! Get rid of my appetite somebodyyyyy!!

What am I saying!? Lol well today's bento! This one has tamagoyaki slices, sauteed chicken and green onion, potato/macaroni salad, ketchup flavored satumaage and white rice strewed with broccoli sprouts and minced koume. I think this angle is failure. It maybe hard to see the dishes.
Obento 2010.10.19

Can you see the fillings between the slices of bread? This time I made chikuwa/tuna-mayo sandwiches, ham/cheese ones, butter/sakura-honey (cherry blossom flavor) ones and apple bunnies. Have you ever heard of *a chikuwa/tuna bread*?? I really like the harmony of bread and chikuwa and tuna-mayo. If you are curious about it why don't you try making it?
Sandwich Bento 2010.10.6

This is a super boring yet oishii bento haha! All you have to do is make *sauteed pork slices and scrambled egg*. Oops don't forget to cook rice!
Buta/tama Domburi Bento

Buta/tama Domburi Bento

In the meantime, last month we went to Omatsuri (a Japanese Shrine festival). Although it's been a while since we went there, this time I'd love to share some pictures of that. Some of you may have already seen it on my flickr. Shrine festivals take place once a year at most Shinto Shrines here in Japan. This little Shrine is one that I've gone to ever since I was born.
2010.9.16 shrine festival (5)

Everybody around there was buying a fortune and checking it out. A bit nervous moment.
2010.9.16 shrine festival (4)

Both Hubby's and Yuppi's say *Excellent Luck!!*--- Everything's gonna be all right, wheeeee! Unfortunately mine was.... Average Luck---means *So So or Not Bad*. Yes so so (sigh).
2010.9.16 shrine festival (10)

These are Kompeito---Japanese classic style candies. I love the tint color. By the way, have you ever watched * Spirited Away*? The black soot balls (Makkurokurosuke--can you pronounce it properly?) are eating them in the movie. Yuppi wanted to get some but I rejected her because I thought she'd eat them so little.
2010.9.16 shrine festival (15)

Yuppi was staring at this choco/banana stand. She got a chocolate-coated banana skewer and gobbled it up while I was unaware. I only wanted to have a bite.....sob.
2010.9.16 shrine festival (18)

I'll show you the rest of pictures on the next post, stay tuned!


  1. Your post always contains so many delicious bento! Wish can learn your great cooking skill *sigh* ... We watched Spirited Away, those candies are beautiful! Too bad my kids very rare to eat candies hehehe ... Those banana choco sprinkles, I want that :)

  2. Yay kompeito! I don't like eating them, but I do like looking at them and thinking of soot sprites :) (I want a pet soot sprite! haha. No, I'm never going to grow up :))

    Chikuwa is fish sausage? I love your apple bunnies--so neatly cut!

    Hope to see you posting more, I always enjoy your entries :)

  3. Thank you for this splendid feast for the eyes, Izumi! Will go back to carefully examine all the beautiful seasonal images you've shared...please know it was a delightful part of my day! And now I'm really hungry :D

  4. If you would have a "summer" as we had this year in south Germany - you really would prefer yours! Room heating is ON all this year at least in bathroom except of 4 weeks in june that were terribly hot - just to remember people of summer ;-/ Okay, okay, room heating was OFF during our stay in Thailand in spring (weather at home like winter). So we can dream a little bit when viewing the photos...

  5. What a wonderful post, love your bento's and the colourful candy. Those banana skewers are a great idea, I might try making one of those! :)

  6. I love all your bento - they look so tasty and comforting for cooler weather!

  7. @Lia
    Thanks! Long time no see--- Sorry I'm late to visit your blog...
    Yep kompeito candies are not really yummy, just sweeeet. Maybe choco/bananas are GOOD! ;)

  8. @Carol
    Yeah I like the look of kompeito so at that time I was regarding them for a while. Actually I wanted to take some home and display it in my room.

    Yep chikuwa is a tube-shaped fish paste. Thanks for your sweet comment!:D

  9. @Jenn
    Hiya Jenn! I'm so glad you always enjoy my pictures :) Please examine it to your heart's content hehehe. I must go examine yours!!

  10. @einfachbento
    Wow really!? I didn't know that! Is South Germany that cold this year? Yeah I would have rathered the heat to the cold :D Oh you were staying in Thailand in the spring, that sounds neat!

  11. What a treat! I love your posts! The koume rice looks mouth-wateringly good! I love your photos, you make me want to come join you! Lol! It looks like you had a wonderful day. I hope your luck is fantastic!!

  12. @cherry bento
    Thank you!:D I think you can make easily choco/coated bananas on your own.

  13. @Kuusou
    Hi Kuusou thank you! It's cold outside today too. I'm craving a hot lunch and drink!! :)

  14. @Heather
    So glad you liked my posts. Yea come on, join us haha! Hopefully I'm going to make the rest of the year wonderful on my own! :)