Friday, February 05, 2010

Bibimbap Bento No.2

This is my own bento!  I missed taking a picture of hubby's bento.
Bibimbap is rice topped with seasoned meat and veggie.  This round container is my latest favorite, 100 yen!!  But it's too deep to pack usual bento, a bit sad.  I made harusame salad and ingredients of bibimbap this morning, tsukune (ground chicken balls) is leftover, this low-cal and healthy tsukune consists of chicken breast, atsuage (fried hard tofu), negi (a sort of scallion), sesame, and salt.  The harusame salad is seasoned with syoyu, sugar, vinegar, sesame oil, and salt.  Harusame is noodle made from starch. 
Harusame salad is Chinese taste, tsukune is Japanese taste, bibimbap is Korean taste.  It's an Asian Collaboration, yeay!!
Have a yummy weekend! ^0^*


  1. Yummy! Looks delicious, I love Bibimbap!

  2. Thanks Bento Pet!
    I found another bibimbap fan now! Bibimbap is really yum.

  3. Love Bibimbap! I just have this for my dinner, what a coincidence hehehe ... That round container is perfect for your Bibimbap ;)

  4. Awesome bento! Love how you combine diverse Asian cusines in your bentos, Izumi! The combinations of yumminess are endless :)
    We are having a BIG snowstorm here in DC starting now and through the weekend...wishing you a cozy good weekend and happy cooking!

  5. Bibimbap is lovee. But usually with a lot of calorie intake due to the rice. With th harusame I'll definitely try it. You made me drool with your bento :)

    Have a great week-end!

  6. @Lia
    Haha, It wasn't a coincidence since I had sent you the telepathy of bibimbap!
    Yeah I love the round container.

    I'm doing world travel through bentos.
    Aw I'm worried... Hope the snowstorm will cease soon.

    You also love bibimbap yay!!
    I think, maybe rice will be more low-calorie than bread. I don't care. ^^

  7. Hi babykins,
    Thanks for your concern! We're doing fine, cozy at home, and the world is beautifully fresh outside the kitchen window!

  8. Ah I'm relieved to hear that ^^
    I can imagine. The fresh world appears whenever storm has gone away.
    I also feel cozy in a heated room now.