Friday, February 19, 2010

Fridge-cleaning Bento

I was goofing off on a bento posting a short while.  My hubby took a rest from his work for skiing and Yuppi made papa-bento several times on behalf of me.  She's lately been keen to be *a little mama*.  She takes away my housework from me.  So I didn't have to make bento and took my ease.  But she is so fickle that I have no idea of how long time she can keep it up.  As expected, this morning she asked me if she didn't have to make bento today since she wanted to have more sleep.  So I made a bento for hubby after a while.

I didn't have much time for blogging because of watching the Olympics.  I've been riveted on the TV!  I'm watching the game of ladies' curling now.  The opponent is Team China.  Since they're formidable, I'm so excited!
Oh boy!  Japan has just lost... Congrats, Chinese curlers!!
The men's figure skating is now about to begin.


Today's bento contains weenies,
iri-tamago (scrambled egg) with kani-kama (crab flavored kamaboko),
kamaboko twists,
broiled mackerel flavored with yuzu-syoyu,
carrot kimpira (flavored with miso, salt, sesame seed and sesame oil). 

To be honest, I don't like carrot, but can eat this carrot kimpira without difficulty.
 Because it's yummy and its carrot smell is milder.  Carrot is so healthy that we should have it more.
Yesterday I didn't go shopping so I had to make bento dishes with only leftover ingredients in the fridge.
Wishing Hubby "a good work".

The big snow flakes were coming down this morning!
The snow has piled up considerably.


  1. Yay, you're back! Lovely post as usual, with pretty colors and textures in the bento, cute family stories and a lovely landscape image. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and Olympics excitement, babykins!

  2. Hi Jenn! I'm watching curling games now as well, haha. Thanks, your thoughtful comment always makes me happy! :D

  3. Hi Izumi! Lovely and yummy bento as always! Cool twist kamaboko and I love your pink furoshiki. Don't show me anything pink LOL :D Which sport do you like to watch on the Olympics?

  4. I've been watching the Olympics obsessively-still trying to figure out the rules for curling, but it's fun to watch (especially the Norwegians and their crazy pants!)

    Funny that you don't like carrots much--you would hate my refrigerator, I have like 5 pounds in there :)

  5. Hi Pinky Lia! You're really a pink enthusiast! I also love pink things though.

    I'm still rooting for the women's curling. And I'm looking forward to the women's figure skating!

  6. Welcome tofugirl!
    Oh unfortunately, I haven't seen Norwegian curlers yet so I want to see them. I also think the curling rules are difficult.

    Haha you have a huge quantity of carrot!
    But I loved your carrot soup, it sounded so yummy!