Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sakura Bento


My noriben theme is continuing!  I scattered sakura (cherry blossoms) on the nori ground.  I wonder if these look cherry blossoms?  I don't have a sakura-shape cutter.  In my place, we can enjoy seeing splendid cherry blossoms around early in May every year.  We all are longing for that occasion.


Today's Hubby's bento dishes are chikuwa piccata,
chili sauce shrimp,
mayo/cheese cod,
and stir fried bamboo shoot and shirataki.  (Shirataki is noodle-like konnyaku, it's non-calorie.)


This is my bento.  I uncommonly packed bento for myself.  This box is my latest favorite (100 yen) container.  I put together leftovers in the box.  But I'm looking forward to eat this bento.  Because I haven't have breakfast yet.  Uuh I'm starving!


  1. So nice to see the series of your noriben, looking forward to see more. I often saw cherry blossoms from the pictures my friend sent me ... must be great if can experience it. Yum yum for all bento you made, let's eat!
    Note : I learn new word >> shirataki, I had that before for my bento but didn't know how to say it in Japanese hehehe ... (^.^)

  2. I am lucky to have a cherry tree in my back yard and it just started blooming. So beautiful--like your bentos!

  3. Izumi, I would like to pass you an award. Please pick it up here. Thanks!

  4. The Little Eggs think your flowers look like Sakura and we all really like how pretty your bento looks!

  5. Love the delicate spring sakura theme, and the really appealing textures in the bento--I' so hungry now! Can't wait to see your sakura pictures come May :)

  6. @Lia
    Glad you learned Japanese words much.

    Thanks a lot, for passing the award. I'll go to you right now :D

  7. @Ellen
    Thanks for visit and comment!
    I'm jealous of your cherry tree.

  8. @Kuusou
    Thanks a lot, Little eggs and Kuusou!
    Glad you liked this sakura bento ^^

  9. @Kuusou
    Thanks a lot, Little eggs and Kuusou!
    Glad you liked my bento ^^

  10. @Jenn
    Glad you liked my sakura theme.
    Please look forward to sakura pictures in May.