Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Pork Saute Bento


I'm a little displeased this morning. (pout)  Hubby made a complaint.  He said "Prepare bento earlier since I want to leave home earlier.  I prefer a quick and simple bento rather than wait."  I know, I'm aware that I should get up and prepare bento much earlier every morning.  But I want to say " Don't say that.  I worked hard! "  I want to say in a loud voice, " I made EBI FURAI!! (-O-) "

Today's bento contains sauteed pork slices flavored with syoyu and mirin on the rice, dice mayo salad (cuke, carrot, corn) and ebi furai (fried shrimps) with tonkatsu sauce.
Speaking of ebi furai, most Japanese love ebi furai.  I also love it, though I don't like shrimps much.


  1. it looks so delicious :)

    Same with me, everyday is 'whatta hectic morning'. Hehehehe....

  2. So nice with your all cooking. I will wait patiently if you make a bento for me because I know you always put yummy foods in your bento ;)

  3. I understand how you feel...I have to make myself get up an hour before everyone else, usually around 5 a.m. to make sure the bento is ready in time!

  4. Ah! It's beautiful! I wish I had some one getting up every morning to make my lunch. I have only dry fish and coffee for lunch. :(

  5. Your bentos always give me a calm and happy feeling...I'd wait happily for them :)

  6. Thanks! Bargowo
    It's so hard to get up early morning and make bento everyday, but really fun all the same. :D

    Thanks! Lia
    You're so sweet, Lia!
    I would gladly make bento for you anytime if you requested!

    Thanks! Kuusou
    You're great, you get up so early!
    I really have to imitate you ;)

  7. Thanks! Anonymous
    Dry fish and coffee!? Wow... I would be starved.
    But it might be good for weight loss!?

    Thanks! Jenn
    I'm glad and relieved that you said so.
    You're my bento comrade!!

  8. こんにちは!