Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spicy Teriyaki Chicken Bento and Chocolate Gift


I was able to get up early today yeay haha!!  So I had enough time and made a flower garden in the bento.  Today, my nori-ben theme is beginning.  Nori-ben is the most typical Japanese bento.  It was wee babykins' favorite bento, which always included red hotdog-octopuses and slices of tamagoyaki.  I felt happy whenever I took it to the kindergarten.

Today's bento includes a nori-ben,
negi-omelet slices,
broiled shrimps flavored with mayo and Parmesan,
spicy teriyaki chicken,
carrot/cucumber pickles flavored with yukari (salty purple perilla leaf),
and grapes.
I dipped pieces of nori in shoyu then put on the rice.


★babykins' quick spicy teriyaki sauce (for about 1 chicken breast)★
 1 tablespoon Shoyu (Japanese soy sauce)
1 tablespoon Ketchup
 1 tablespoon Water
1/2~1 teaspoon Curry powder
(This taste suits both rice and bread.  If you make this spicier, you could add grated garlic or onion and other spices.  I barely use garlic for bento dishes though.)

Please look at today's our OYATSU (means snack, sweet and tea break).
My friend in Tokyo sent the two chocolate boxes to me WOW.
 A well-known special chocolate of Kobe City.  This box has tons of apple glacés coated with chocolate.  I'm excited!

This one is CUUUTE!!
Duffy and Shellie May live in Tokyo Disney SEA.  You can see them in there.

These Shellie chocolates taste of TEA!!
Duffies are normal milk chocolates. ^O^


  1. Looks both delicious and pretty! Flower garden just perfect on the soil of nori. And those bear chocolates and the box are so cute. Can re-use the box for something else :)

  2. Apples coated in chocolate! Yum!! I haven't had time to pack lunch at all lately, but at least I can look at other people's and enjoy from a distance :D

  3. Love all of these photos--they make me think of being around eight years old, when "country style" became very popular, with lots of teddy bears as decoration everywhere! I'd be excited by those chocolates, too :) As always I love the cozy gentleness of your images and words, Izumi--a very peaceful oasis to visit. Have a great day!

  4. The bento looks delicious! I love the photos of what your friends sent you...the bears are adorable as is the pink tin!

  5. @Lia
    I plowed the nori/rice soil haha. Surely reuse the metal box, but it's too shallow for bento box... I'm afraid.

    Aw I'm missing seeing your Mr.bento. I hope I can see it again soon!
    I always enjoy your lovely photos from a distance ^-^

  6. @Jenn
    Oh, nice memories of Teddy! Teddy Bears are still loved around the world. Did little Jenn also have any Teddies?
    Thanks... I'm blushing now with your warm comment, ehehe =^.^=

    Thanks Kuusou!
    I love these chocolates and the tin so much.
    All was yummy, so I want to share with little eggs and you :D

  7. 春の訪れを感じる可愛いお弁当と一緒に、チョコを紹介していただきありがとうございます。とてもうれしいです!


  8. なおさん



  9. @prince n princess mum
    Thanks a lot for visit and comment!

  10. Looks very pretty and delicious. I love eating chocolates.

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