Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chestnut Musubi Bento


As usual, unfortunately I missed taking photos of Hubby's bento, so this is yuppi's snack.  She is hungry when she come back home, although she has school-lunch every day.
Today, I made two spam musubi (onigiri) and raked together odds and ends ingredients.  My nori-ben theme is continuing.  To be precise, it's not nori-ben but nori-musubi today's bento.  I meant to make some *chestnut shaped musubi* but these don't look so.  I dredged their bottoms with okaka but it got dirty and made them have stubbles (LOL).  I should have used white sesame seeds instead of okaka! (wry)

Today's OYATSU
My favorite long seller chocolate cakes, BOURBON CYLVEINE.  I'd love everybody to try to eat if they can find it out!

Spring is coming near!



  1. 2 happy nori-musubis. Are they waiting for the spring? hehehe ... Your hubby must be in a hurry so you can't manage to take some photos of his bento. But I believe it's a yummy one. Ooh those Bourbon chocolates look nice, too bad can't get them here (^.^)

  2. Ah, so uplifting to see your pretty yellow flower pictures...and I love these cute nori musubi snacks--they have a sweet, happy look that is perfectly in tune with this almost-spring season!

  3. Beautiful spring pictures! I love the little chestnut very cute. :)

  4. @Lia
    My hubby rushes every morning and my daughter is being a *Sloth* in the morning haha. I'm busy to hurry her up so I often miss shooting.

    I hope Japanese major department store will go up near your house! ^_^

  5. @Jenn
    Yeah this season excites us. I'm missing spring flowers on the ground!
    Glad you liked their faces. I want to get better at craft like you.

  6. @Kuusou
    Your sweet comment encourage me in making charaben. Thanks Kuusou!