Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Disposable Lunch Box... first time in ages

Yuppi had a gathering of her art class with one day stay in a city far away from here. She got a bento in a disposable paper container. I bought the container from Daiso. I don't want to do this so often, but every now and then, it's ok and so much fun, isn't it? She had a karaage cup, two omusubi (one with edamame, scrambled egg and a shoyu okaka filling, and one with simply sesame seeds and salt to go with the karaage) and a pineapple cup for a refreshing dessert. Plus, Jagariko (butter chicken curry flavored) and a bottle of lemon soda for a snack to omnom in her bus or hotel. Later I thought I should have fancied up the container for a little surprise with cute stickers (of course lovebird ^^) or something, geez...

Spinach nori salad, fried chicken pieces, shoyu egg halves and a chunk of salted sockeye salmon on a bed of rice, sesame seeds and nori. For the chicken, I marinated chicken breast pieces with minced umeshiso overnight, then battered and fried them. Ume-shiso or ume-jiso is red shiso leaves pickled with umeboshi. You can use it as a seasoning as with umeboshi itself. By the way, yukari (a rice topping) was originally the same thing as dried umeshiso, but now yukari is made by a different process.

For this one, I marinated chicken thighs in miso and shoyu the night before and broiled them in the morning. The rest of this bento are spicy ketchuped potato, tamagoyaki, and asparagus for a green.

Summer is coming around the corner where I am. But before that, I have to post these pictures that I took over a month ago. Unfortunately I didn't get around to going to beautiful places of sakura trees so I settled for the tiny sakura blossoms in backyard. Since the backyard and trees are not my own, I had to use my lame zoom lens. It sometimes does a good job, but sometimes doesn't. That's my excuse though!

tiny sakura 4

tiny sakura 2

tiny sakura 1

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