Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sammy and Naporitan plus Kotorisan

Hi guys! It looks like I can finally get back into bento. A couple of things kept me unmotivated taking pictures early in the mornings. But here is where I always come back. It's nice to be back to my main blog. I'm going to keep it going at my pace.

Today I made a quick sammy bento. For the sammy, I made an omelet, and sauteed some bacon slices in a pan. I think sammy lunches need something filling to keep you stuffed until the evening. So I made chicken crisp with a chicken breast.

This one is a Naporitan (long pasta with ketchup, onion slices, and ham or bacon) bento I made in the past summer.

In the meantime, my darling Pigchan who did a great job on the winner-drawing, went back to his real home (my sister's place) after his long stay at my house. We've all been missing him so much.

In place of him, now what puts a smile on my face is Kotori-san. I've been on a needle felting kick lately.

I got a lot of blankets because I am so cute!


  1. pigchan is so cute^^ and are those felt macarons next to kotori-san? you should post more of these projects in the future maybe ^^

  2. I miss yours bento ! :D So beautiful, like ever !
    Pigchan is sooo cute ! :D

  3. I've missed seeing your bentos.  They always brighten my day.  Pigchan is adorable!  I hope he gets to come visit you a lot!

  4. Your felting projects are very cute, I would love to find out how to do this...maybe I'll make some christmas decorations someday??!  Good to see your tasty bentos back again! :)