Thursday, March 14, 2013

Using The Bento Stashes

Using the bento stashes I'd made the day before, I made these bentos. My hit in this one is a curry shiokoji egg. I said "Uh oishiiii!!" I was kind of impressed how yummy it was. You know what, Yuppi said dryly "I like shoyu eggs better". Ehhhh!? Haha, yeah I know, shoyu eggs are surely oishi, but I believe these curry shiokoji ones are as good as they are. The curry flavor makes shiokoji eggs even better. Plus, I think maybe the enzymes in shiokoji make yolks in soft-boiled eggs curdy and creamy like soft cheese. What's more, shiokoji eggs keep at least for a week in the refrigerator. They taste good themselves, but you can use them in sandwiches or salad as well. Now do you want to make some shiokoji eggs?

Meanwhile, the days here are getting longer bit by bit yet steadily these days. It seems like we can finally feel the smell of the spring coming before long. Spring vegetables are sweet and flavorful right now. I've been eating spring cabbage and snap peas everyday, which are delish! Look at the snap peas in the bento, pretty cute, huh? Nothing can beat the natural prettiness of food, don't you think so?


  1. I really want to try the salmon flake!  Those bentos look so tasty, you're right, the simple beauty of foods is the best, like the golden perfect egg yolk~!  

  2. Thank you Karen, I hope you have a chance to make yours!